Sa. Jun 22nd, 2024

The Swiss Fintech Ladies to announce Art and Fintech Start-Up Night and Donors Gala:

We are intrigued by the support we are getting for our Art and Fintech Start-Up Night and Donors Gala.

We, as SwissFinTechLadies, are solving the „female entrepreneurship“ and „female wealth gap“ and the dynamics it has with creating further gaps like the female funding gap. The repercussions are huge, in particular in the STEM and AI ages.

We need females in STEM who stay and work in STEM and co-found companies in STEM, AI Web3 in particular in blockchain.

We have those brave women who became entrepreneurs in the fintech and web3 space or are co-founders of such startups. In our VC4Diversity format, those brave companies (and the men co-creating with them are brave too) have been pitching, with some of them winning a pitching seat at the forthcoming World Economic Forum Innovation Day on January 17, 2024, in Davos. We are an official partner of the WEF Innovation Day, and now it is time to celebrate! Startup finalists going to Davos will be presented at our SwissFinTech Art and Startup Night and Donors Gala on November 25, 2023, at Trustsquare Paradeplatz in Zurich.

Why do we combine art, startup nights, and donor galas?

First of all, we have renown artists who like the purpose, engage, and want to contribute to our mission with their art. You will meet them on November 25 at Trustsquare Paradeplatz Zurich, and you will see how they donate and auction their art to us all. The exhibition of art will last the entire day, and our startups will be there too. So there will be boxes of startups (you have to arrange a meeting beforehand) where you can meet and greet them and the artists too.

Second, we can make the connection between art and tokenization. Art will be tokenized this evening before your eyes.

Fintech and art have a lot in common when it comes to creativity, shaping our world, and doing good while doing well. We are proud to announce we have a couple of well-known artists at our party that will donate their art to SwissFinTechLadies, and this art will be distributed in an auction at the party.

So please look forward to a thriving party on November 25, 2023, at Trustsquare Paradeplatz in Zurich.

This will be on the programme:

  • 1800 h Doors open
  • 18.00–18.30 Art Exhibition (entire day) and Networking over Apero Riche
  • 18.30–18.45 Presentation of Winning Start-Ups and Swiss FinTech Ladies
  • 18.45-19.00 Key Note by Prof. Christian Farioli on Digital Marketing for Females
  • 19.00–19.15 Firesite Chat with the Co-Founder of AISOT Stefan Klauser
  • 19.15-19.30 Stutz with Delia, Firesite Chat with Delia Bohren about the female wealth gap.
  • 19.30–20.15 360x Tokenization of Art
  • 20.15 Flying Dinner and Music the entire evening
  • 21.30 Art Auction
  • 24 00 End

Find out more here.

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