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So, you’re ready to get started in the crypto poker community? Playing poker online is more than a leisure past-time, as more people have opted to gamble with decentralized currencies. If you’re already familiar with cryptocurrencies, you probably know that a trustworthy crypto wallet is necessary. Pro gamblers recommend taking extra precautions to protect their digital assets.

Reviewing the Top Crypto Wallets for Poker Players

Professional crypto poker players know how crucial a crypto wallet is to a positive gambling experience. Without a reputable crypto wallet, players could lose their initial investments and earned profits. CryptoCasinos suggests using one of the crypto wallets found on the list below. You wouldn’t place fiat currency in a sketchy banking institution, so don’t take chances with digital currencies by trusting unreputable crypto wallets.

  1. Breadwallet – Unlike other crypto wallets, Breadwallet is based on maintaining financial freedom. With a straightforward user interface, Breadwallet is optimal for new crypto poker players. Ranked as one of the most secure crypto wallets, Breadwallet is supported on Apple and Android mobile platforms. Breadwallet does charge transaction fees, but the charges are minimal. At Breadwallet, transaction fees are not fixed, meaning users could face varied fines.
  2. Copay – Copay is a crypto wallet that recently changed its name to BitPay Wallet. The Bitpay Wallet’s security features are unlike anything offered by similar cryptocurrency wallets. Using multi-signature security, Copay has become widely trusted amongst pro poker gamblers. Copay isn’t as simple to use as Breadwallet, but the app still operates in real-time. While other crypto wallets brag about superior security, Copay delivers with unbeatable performance. With Copay’s software platform, account holders can link their crypto wallets to centralized banking accounts.
  3. Mycelium – CryptoCasinos strongly encourages crypto poker players to check out Mycelium. As a default digital currency wallet, Mycelium is exclusively for Bitcoin users. While Mycelium offers a well-integrated marketplace, the crypto wallet doesn’t accept Ether or other digital assets. Mycelium exclusively operates on a mobile software application that is compatible with Android and iOS. Mycelium houses several notable abilities, such as confirmed transactions without downloading a complete blockchain. The Simplified Payment Verification allows Mycelium to compete with more high-tech alternatives.
  4. Ledger – As a leading cryptocurrency wallet app, Ledger simplifies blockchain technology. Leger is a hardware wallet that supports several cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin to Ether. If you’re searching for the perfect place to store substantial crypto amounts, Ledger is the best hardware wallet available. Leger allows crypto owners to travel and access their digital assets at any time.
    Trezor – Trezor is ideal for crypto poker players who want to store digital tokens for long periods. With a sensitive touchscreen and generalized interface, Trezor is the future of crypto wallets. Like Ledger, Trezor accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin. Indeed, Trezor is expensive, especially compared to other options named on this list. However, Trezor offers Bluetooth connectivity and incomparable security features.
  5. Webull – Webull recently embraced digital assets and is offering zero fees per trader for new users. Webull doesn’t require account minimums, making it the preferred option for novice crypto poker gamblers. Webull promotions vary significantly, but loyal account holders also receive impressive benefits. With crypto assets under fire, it is wise to find a reliable crypto wallet for storage. Hot and hard crypto storage options will suffice for most crypto poker players.

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