Mi. Okt 5th, 2022

SEBA Bank, a fully integrated, FINMA licensed digital assets banking platform, today announced the listing of their digital assets based Exchange Traded Products (“ETPs”) at Euronext, a leading pan-European market infrastructure company, connecting European economies to global capital markets.

SEBA Bank’s current ETP offering consists of single-coin tracker certificates with Bitcoin, Ether and Polkadot as underlying instruments as well as the multi-coin SEBAX® Crypto Asset Select Index, an award winning and industry leading digital assets market index. These products will be listed in USD at Euronext Amsterdam and in EUR at Euronext Paris. Euronext is one of the leading pan-European market infrastructure providers, operating regulated exchanges in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. With close to 2,000 listed equity issuers and around EUR 6.9 trillion in market capitalisation, it has an unmatched blue chip franchise and a strong diverse domestic and international client base.

Listed at the SIX Swiss Exchange since April 2021, SEBA Bank’s ETPs are designed to provide investors with the most secure and cost-effective means to access digital assets without the associated custody and security challenges. SEBAX® is a unique combination of professional index methodology and bottom-up research and recently won the prestigious “ETP of the year” award for 2021 in Switzerland. SEBA Bank’s in-house research applies the highest standards and complies with the Swiss Bankers Association research guidelines. All digital assets are selected according to a rigorous process which combines quantitative metrics and in-depth qualitative analysis.

Gregory Mall, Senior Portfolio Manager at SEBA Bank, said:

“Collateralized ETPs are a key development for investing in crypto assets. As an emerging asset class which constantly matures, we see more demand for reliable, easily-accessible and liquid investment vehicles. We believe our products stand out based on the institutional-grade quality, the most competitive pricing in the market and – in the case of the SEBAX® ETP – our innovative index engineering. Listing our products at Euronext will significantly increase our distribution capabilities and marks another step in our mission to provide a secure and cost-effective alternative to dealing with private keys and cryptocurrency exchanges. SEBA Bank set out to build a bridge from traditional banking to the digital world. Our product philosophy and exceptional live performance track record of the SEBAX® Index reflects this ambition.”

SEBA Bank’s listed products offer a regulated gateway for institutions to efficiently and securely invest in crypto assets. These products offer investors a number of unique benefits including: to maximize investment performance via the most competitive management fees in the market; institutional-grade custody with a fully licensed Swiss Bank; benefit from the proven track record of the award winning SEBAX® Crypto Asset Select Index ETP; 100% collateralized products fully backed by physical coins; and, a special purpose vehicle mitigating counterparty risk.

By Christian Mäder

Publisher and Founder >> Christian Mäder auf LinkedIn

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