Sa. Jul 13th, 2024

The XBE protocol is about to launch their Hive product – reaching the major Phase 2 milestone on their roadmap, following months of development and testing!

As a supplementary Curve & Convex yield mechanism, XBE will start off alpha testing with a large bounty for white hat users to help harden their platform. The XBE Hive optimizes returns for decentralized, institutional, and retail financial users, boosting compensation for the $20 billion in liquidity now deployed in top decentralized financial protocols like Curve and Convex.

About XBE Hive and how it Works

XBE Hive provides DeFi users and protocols with unrivaled rewards on certain Curve and Convex liquidity pools by making it simple to aggregate CRV, CVX, and other awards across a variety of liquidity as a simple supplementary yield solution. Curve and Convex customers can earn rewards while keeping their desired asset denomination (e.g., USD, ETH, or others) – reducing their exposure to price fluctuation on their liquidity, which is common with traditional yield farming services.

The Hive isn’t just for seasoned DeFi users, thanks to the future Easy XBE 2.0 and Easy XBE 3.0 Web apps, which make it one of the most user-friendly DeFi protocols. Furthermore, through the XB FIAT Ramps‘ simple on- and off-ramping functions between Fiat and Cryptocurrencies and the work of regional implementation partners who help tie XBE tightly into the traditional finance world, the protocol has focused on onboarding institutional and retail finance users, respectively.

Audited Smart Contracts and the Bug Bounty Proposal

The XBE community approved a bug bounty proposal worth $500,000 in XBE awards, and XBE Hive is happy to have completed a full security assessment by Peckshield. As the XBE Hive service enters alpha testing with innovative contract installations on the leading Ethereum network (with a third security already underway), the protocol provides these awards to lure daring DeFi smart contract testers.

The Easy XBE router smart contract was built to make it simple for new DeFi users to begin earning by staking their liquidity in the XBE protocol – even if they only have ETH in their wallets! Deposit your ETH into the contract router in the interface below, and the contract router will balance your liquidity between both assets, add them to the pool, and stake your LP tokens for you, all in one spot! The quickest and most convenient way to get started with XBE!

DeFi testers will be able to engage with smart contracts and explore the full functionality of the protocol built on and via the alpha app’s user interface (coming soon at Liquidity measurement, rewards claim, and even referral link generating are test features that will credit testers with additional protocol prizes when other users join the platform. (Those interested in participating in the testing program should keep an eye on the protocol’s social media for updates.)

The XBE Community – Looking for Expanding and Creating an Upcoming Roadmap

XBE is powered by a decentralized community that actively participates in governance initiatives via the XBE governance token. Over 50% has been locked up for an average of 20 months, and another 28% has been staked, with a circulating market cap of under $25 million.

The XBE community anticipates several product launches soon and expansion onto numerous Layer 2 networks, including the forthcoming debut of the XB protocol as XBF (XB Fantom) on the Opera chain following the Hive launch.

Several of XBE’s public contributors also work for Block Markets Africa, a blockchain consulting business specializing in blockchain-based financial market infrastructures for payment service providers, particularly Central and Commercial Banks. This knowledge is helping XBE develop a regulatory-compliant method to make the Hive service available to TradFi customers through products like the XBE Hive.

Compliant Offerings for TradFi

The Hive Pro is a retail-friendly yield offering for non-custodial wallet providers to help their customers get even more out of DeFi, while the Easy XBF Mobile App is a retail-friendly yield offering for non-custodial wallet providers to help their customers get even more out of DeFi.

Both services aim to seamlessly integrate with existing offerings and add value to the ecosystem by attracting new users and liquidity to the rapidly growing DeFi industry, all while complying with existing and anticipated regulatory directives as regulators increasingly clarify their expectations of decentralized communities and the licensed service providers that interface with them.

If you want to find out more

Click on or, or visit, follow XBE and enjoy their journey!

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