Mo. Jun 10th, 2024

New Gen, BBVA in Switzerland’s new online investment account, allows customers to invest quickly and easily in different currencies and access a catalogue of the most innovative investment trends on the market.

Everything can be done online, from the account opening to the first investment, without going to the Zurich branches. The customer fills in a brief form, makes a video-identification call, and in less than 15 minutes applies for the opening of the New Gen account.

Once the bank has reviewed the application, the customer receives a welcome letter with the account number, online banking access and IBANs in Swiss Francs, US Dollars and Euros. Once the funds are received, the customer can start investing in traditional assets, such as stocks or mutual funds, and has a cryptocurrency wallet, giving the account some differentiating features.

Customisable and self-manageable

Knowing that everyone is different and that we all have our preferences, the New Gen account allows investing in a wide variety of themes, ranging from the most traditional assets to a balanced portfolio. Clients can discover new sectors with immense potential for future development, where they may feel attracted and want to allocate part of their investments.

For example, suppose a client thinks that anti-ageing medicine can positively impact the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases at New Gen. In that case, he or she can access the best companies to invest in this sector, the best ETFs and mutual funds that represent this theme.

Thus, within an online catalogue of trends and sectors that will transform the world, as varied as 3D printing, robotics, autonomous vehicles and The Internet of Things or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, among many others. With a wide range of ideas so that all customers can invest in what they are most interested in, without obstacles or barriers, with some of the most competitive banking rates in Switzerland.

The New Gen account allows customers to invest positively, consciously and committed because, at BBVA, we believe that what we invest in today will define the future
The New Gen account is for those who value their time, want to control their money and decide their investments, without small print, with the security of a bank like BBVA, and from Switzerland, the safest country in the world.

We are eliminating many of the traditional barriers to accessing investment banks in Switzerland

To access the New Gen account, you must be of legal age, be a resident of one of the more than 30 authorised countries, and deposit a minimum of ten thousand Swiss Francs, US Dollars or Euros when opening the account.

BBVA is present in Switzerland, through a 100% Group owned franchise, dedicated to international private banking services, and now incorporates a new online account, New Gen, for all those customers who like to invest on their own.

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