GoCrypto, a system enabling merchants and service providers to accept payments with crypto wallets, marks a record 1000 locations in its home country, Slovenia. Less than two years in existence, GoCrypto boasts quite a few unique achievements at a global level. This includes its contribution to the creation of the first Bitcoin City™ in the world, and to Slovenia taking the global lead as the country with the highest number of physical locations accepting cryptocurrencies and the country where you can just use your crypto wallet when getting around your daily life. GoCrypto is available in 13 countries, and is establishing itself as the world’s quickest growing crypto payment scheme, connecting various actors in the crypto sphere to make them a part of the mainstream.

From Bitcoin City™ to crypto Slovenia

The GoCrypto system enables merchants and services to accept payments made with mobile crypto wallets and receive the settlement in their local currency. It was developed by Eligma, a startup co-founded by the BTC company, with one of the largest business and shopping centres in Europe – BTC City. Focusing on top-notch customer experience enhanced by the latest technologies, BTC City was a perfect testing ground for the first version of the GoCrypto system, and is evolving into the next-generation ecosystem – the world’s first Bitcoin City™ with a high concentration of locations accepting crypto payments. Nationwide, however, the number of GoCrypto locations has just reached 1000. Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at BTC, states:

“The development of the GoCrypto system takes place together with the development of BTC City Ljubljana into an innovative and digital city, which has also been recognized by the international public. The BTC company thus follows its mission as a state-of-the-art company open to new technologies.“

A record number of physical locations. More than 150.000 products be bought through GoCrypto

Due to GoCrypto, Slovenia has a record number of physical locations (merchants and services) that accept cryptocurrencies. One can comfortably spend the entire day just using a crypto wallet. The physical one can be left at home as there are numerous cafés, restaurants, taxis, mechanics, dentists, hair salons, hotels and various sports facilities accepting mobile crypto wallets. This includes the Tuš supermarkets, Slovenia’s biggest electronic seller Big Bang, Atlantis Water Park and Burger King Slovenia – the world’s first physical location of this chain enabling crypto payments. All in all, more than 150.000 different products can be bought through GoCrypto.

GoCrypto reaches four digits. Woop WOOP!

The 1000th location in Slovenia accepting crypto payments is in Bitcoin City™. It is conveniently named WOOP!, consisting of WOOP! KARTING, one of the most modern karting centres in Europe, and WOOP! TRAMPOLIN PARK, the largest of its kind in Slovenia. Payments through the GoCrypto system take seconds. The customer simply scans the payment QR code with their crypto wallet and confirms the transaction.

General Manager of the TPLJ company, Miran Razoršek, says:

“This is an additional step towards providing the superb user experience that we strive to offer. In this way, we enable quick, easy and secure transactions. We also intend to extend the advantages of Bitcoin City™ to our new location, WOOP! ARENA. In October, we will be the first in Slovenia offering a completely new experience of bowling, escape rooms, virtual reality and the LASER TAG arena on 5,000 m2.“

Growing into the global GoCrypto payment scheme

The GoCrypto payment system is also present in many other countries – currently in 13 altogether, namely in 10 in the EU and 3 in Latin America. Connecting a variety of market entities is key, both domestically and abroad. Eligma CEO Dejan Roljić explains:

“Reaching 1000 locations in Slovenia is an important milestone for the GoCrypto system on a global scale. Thanks to GoCrypto, Slovenia is the world’s leading country in the number of physical locations that accept cryptocurrencies. With GoCrypto, we are breaking new technological ground because the mission of GoCrypto technology is fast and simple use for both the merchant and the customer. We are extremely pleased that the system is well-received both locally and internationally, and we expect it to expand to many more countries in the future. The GoCrypto payment scheme does not only unite merchants and customers who want to offer or use this payment option. It also includes cryptocurrencies and exchanges that want their applications to enter the mainstream as well as cashier and payment solution providers and other actors that aim to enrich their offer with next-generation payments.“