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Blockchain Academy München

Event Details

As a participant, you will learn the basics of Blockchain. You will be able to create and control your wallet and get to know the technology behind it. You will understand why everybody wants to know more about it and how you can leverage this knowledge for both your personal and working life. You will also learn how to possibly integrate what you will be learning inside your organization.

The course is very interactive with a combination of theory and practice.

Our course is taught by the best experts worldwide so rest assured about the quality of our Blockchain Academy.

The Full Academy (2 days) is designed for those who want a comprehensive outlook on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: the first day is made of an introduction which covers most of the relevant topics that any C-Level exec would want to know. The second day provides an in-depth analysis of the most important technological breakthroughs made possible by Blockchain.

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Course topics

The course will be taught in English and will last two full days. During these two days, you will have ample opportunities to discuss and experience the following topics:

Digital Assets and Private Keys: recognizing the controlling mechanism of digital assets, wallets, hot/cold storage, exchanges and payment processors

Evolution of Money from Coins to Digital Gold: understanding how Bitcoin can be considered as digital gold and why it’s relevant for the history of money

Blockchain Applications beyond Bitcoin: using time-stamping, notarization services, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts

Cryptography demystified: introducing Hash Functions, Private/Public keys and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)

Blockchain Taxonomy: explaining core concepts like Transactions, Blockchain, Merkle Tree, Distributed Consensus, Mining

Education Goals

What challenges does the course address? We introduce and discuss blockchain challenges in order to allow you to:

Gain a proper understanding between hype and reality

Blockchain promises to change financial service.
Are we able to say exactly how and why?
Grasp a solid understanding of the interplay between technology, game theory, cryptography and monetary theory

Are all descriptions of Blockchain coherent and convincing?
Figure out when and how these technologies can fit any potential business use case

Many use cases are proposed by different players for Blockchain.
Are any of them production ready?
Understand the kind of consensus as per your network topology and the governance model

What is the value of reaching consensus in a decentralized environment?

Appreciate and leverage the potential of this emerging ‘digital gold’

Is Bitcoin disruptive? Is there something better?


Ferdinando M. Ametrano – Ferdinando teaches “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies” at Politecnico di Milano. Former Head of Blockchain and Virtual Currencies in Intesa Sanpaolo bank, he has been speaking about bitcoin at Bank of Italy, Italian Parliament Lower House, IlSole24Ore, and many international universities and conferences. Chairman of the Host Committee for Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan, he is member of the European Banking Federation blockchain taskforce and the AssoB.it (Italian association promoting blockchain technologies) supervisory board. His academic research focuses on price stability, advocating automated non-discretionary elastic monetary policy for a new generation of cryptocurrencies (Hayek Money).

Who Should Attend?

Blockchain Technology goes across multiple functions of an organization, from senior members of staff looking to members of delivery teams willing to improve their working practices. Previous Blockchain Academy attendees have been in roles such as:

CxOs, Executives
Senior Managers
Program and Project Managers
Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts
Product & Software Developers & Testers
Innovators, Technologists