Mo. Mai 27th, 2024

In the cryptocurrency world, security is the highest priority. Due to the value of the digital assets in the form of coins, there are more people who have the intention to commit theft and steal a person’s coins. This is why Alibabacoin Foundation has implemented facial recognition. The purpose for this would be to add a layer of security to your wallet. It improves the overall security for your cryptocurrency coins.

Alibabacoin Foundation is one of the first companies in the cryptocurrency world to utilize this technology. Facial recognition has always been accessible only to an elite number of people, but thanks to the technological improvements brought about by mobile phone developers; this innovation is now available to the public. Now, Alibabacoin Foundation has successfully built a wallet with this technology in hand. This feature is a huge cornerstone of the ABBC coin platform.

In the release of Multi Crypto (MC) Wallet, it is now allowing users to log-in to their MC Wallets using facial recognition. In the near future, Alibabacoin Foundation plans on getting to a stage where users will be able to pay for goods and verify their identity for services using their very own unique facial structure.

You can download this MC Wallet now in the Google Play Store. The Multi Crypto wallet has now been downloaded by over 10,000 users. The MC Wallet is fully integrated into the Alibabacoin Foundation blockchain platform. The wallet supports six major cryptocurrencies such as ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, and DASH. It allows the users to store and transfer multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. In the near future, Alibabacoin Foundation will be adding up to 100 cryptocurrencies in the wallet gradually.
In the latest upgrade of the wallet, Alibabacoin has made several improvements and fixed minor bugs for even better user experience. As a special offer, the company is giving away 100 ABBC coins for free to the first 500,000 users to download and register on the MC wallet app. So far, over 10,000 users have already availed this benefit by downloading and signing up on the app.

ABBC Foundation is also giving users a chance to get more ABBC coins through referrals. By registering to website, completing the KYC, and downloading the MC wallet app, users will receive a referral link that they can share with others. Every time someone signs up through that link, the user will receive 20 ABBC coins for free. There is no limit to how much the user can earn through this and it all depends upon how many people they are sharing the referral link with and the number of people registering on the app.

Alibabacoin Foundation’s ongoing KYC (Know Your Customer) event is also receiving good response from the users who are constantly filling in their details on the platform. The information received from the KYC event will allow the foundation to make further improvements in their business and provide better services to their users.

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