So. Dez 3rd, 2023

Zuger Kantonalbank’s customers can invest in a range of leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Polygon and Uniswap: Sygnum’s fiat-digital-asset gateway enables them to conveniently buy and trade cryptocurrencies via Zuger Kantonalbank’s e-banking and mobile banking app. Assets are secured by Sygnum’s multi- custody solution and held off balance sheet, eliminating all counterparty risk towards Sygnum.

The 131-year-old financial institution, based in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, is the first Swiss cantonal bank to respond to increased market demand and offer both traditional and crypto assets on its banking platform.

Zuger Kantonalbank’s expanded service offering is enabled by Sygnum’s B2B banking platform which provides access to a wide range of FINMA-regulated banking services through one entry point. Its modular construction provides flexibility for its B2B partners to tailor services at launch in alignment with their business strategy, as well as the ability to scale and automate their services at speed via APIs.

Zuger Kantonalbank joins PostFinance and over 15 other Swiss banks and international financial institutions who are already on Sygnum’s B2B platform. Partnering with Sygnum helps them future-proof their offering by capturing more share-of-wallet from existing customers, enhance their competitive position and launch new services at speed.

Hanspeter Rhyner, CEO Zuger Kantonalbank, says:

“We are proud to be the first Swiss cantonal bank to seamlessly integrate traditional and crypto assets on our platform and make these future-ready investments available to our customers. Our partnership with Sygnum to build this advanced infrastructure is a solid foundation for our future development.”

Mathias Imbach, Sygnum Co-Founder and Group CEO, says:

“Sygnum Bank is pleased to partner with Zuger Kantonalbank and connect their clients to a new world of digital asset investment opportunities, empowered by complete trust. We believe that the future has heritage, and the combination of Zuger Kantonalbank’s 131 years of service excellence with Sygnum’s trusted gateway to Future Finance is a tangible example of this in action.”

Fritz Jost, Chief B2B Officer, Sygnum Bank, adds:

“From today, Zuger Kantonalbank’s customers have the power to buy a Bitcoin literally at their fingertips using their mobile banking app. We are delighted to join forces with Zuger Kantonalbank and enable them to be the first Swiss cantonal bank to launch a regulated cryptocurrency offering to their clients.”


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