So. Dez 3rd, 2023

WiFi Map, a leading player in the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) space, proudly announces a remarkable milestone as it crosses the 170 million users mark on its popular mobile app. This achievement not only highlights WiFi Map’s commitment to its mission but also signifies a substantial step toward its goal of bridging the global digital divide.

The WiFi Map app, known for its innovative approach to connectivity, enables users to discover, share, and access WiFi hotspots around the world. With a user-friendly interface and millions of hotspots added by contributors, WiFi Map has become an indispensable tool for individuals seeking reliable and cost-effective internet access including eSIM & VPN services.

This significant milestone reflects WiFi Map’s dedication to providing users with seamless access to WiFi networks and services worldwide. By offering a vast network of hotspots and valuable features, WiFi Map continues to empower users with affordable and convenient internet connectivity.

„We are thrilled to celebrate this incredible milestone of 170 million users on WiFi Map“

said Denis Sklyarov, Founder and CEO of WiFi Map.

„Our mission has always been to connect the unconnected, and achieving this number of users demonstrates the global demand for accessible and affordable internet. We are grateful for the unwavering support of our users and contributors who have made this achievement possible.“

WiFi Map’s success extends beyond the number of users; it also showcases the growing interest in Web3 and the $WIFI utility token, which plays a pivotal role in incentivizing users to contribute to the platform. The WiFi Map team has been at the forefront of crowdsourcing valuable information, including WiFi hotspot locations, making internet access more accessible to people worldwide.

The WiFi Map community remains at the heart of this achievement, as users continue to contribute hotspots, verify credentials, run internet speed tests, and participate in the WiFi Map ecosystem. This collaborative effort has not only expanded WiFi Map’s network but also enhanced the overall user experience.

As WiFi Map continues to grow and innovate, the company remains dedicated to its mission of connecting people globally. With the support of its vast and active user base, WiFi Map aims to make internet access more accessible and affordable, especially in underserved regions.

To learn more about WiFi Map and its mission, visit

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