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Dubai is pretty Bitcoin friendly. And Dubai is currently experiencing a renaissance. The expo was not only a great achievement for Switzerland, but also for all those involved. Not least for the tourism industry. It set a new record in spite of the travel restrictions. However, Dubai is also on the brink of a large boom in the real estate sector. More is being built here than almost anywhere else in the world. A new metropolis is being created.

The good news: Anybody can benefit from it if they want. The crowd funding provider Stake is allowing any interested partiesto invest in real estate. As collective investments are made in real estate, everyone can participate even with small amounts.

However, there are other reasons why it is worth investing in the real estate sector in Dubai:

  • In Dubai, you can get luxury for little money. In particular in the low season, the United Arab Emirates becomes a cheap country.
  • The real estate and apartments are still cheap compared with other countries.
  • You can fly to Dubai from almost anywhere in the world without the need for a transfer.
  • The airline: Emirates is the state-owned airline of the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with its registered office in Dubai and base at Dubai airport. It was founded in 1985, and is one of the largest airlines in the world.
  • Areas currently being built just a short journey away from the airport are of particular interest. For example, Al Jaddaf or neighbouring areas are extremely interesting for investors, as they are only a few minutes away from the airport. And when the Al Maktoum International Airport is fully opened, this part of Dubai will also see rising real estate prices.
  • Dubai is a metropolis: In Dubai stands the highest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa at 828 metres in height. All other skyscrapers in and around Dubai (within a 40 kilometre radius) are 150 to 360 metres in height. Around 150 of these buildings are above 150 metres in height and 60 others come in at above 200 metres in height. The skyscrapers that stretch over 300 metres in height are: the Almas Tower at 360 metres, the 2 Emirates Towers at 305 and 355 metres, the Rose Tower at 333 metres, and the Burj al Arab at 321 metres in height.
  • Fair-weather guarantee; in Dubai it almost never rains.
  • Other advantages of Dubai:  Shopping, Arabic cultural treasures, deserts, and great beaches.

… in any case, the biggest advantage is the
crypto boom:

Dubai has launched Bitcoin licenses

According to Bloomberg, the country wishes to remain competitive in the cryptocurrency sector in the Middle East. Furthermore, there also plans for the mining sector. And the sunny country is already well equipped for Bitcoin mining in the solar energy sector. Bitcoin is popular in the United Emirates. According to a report from the analyst firm Chainalysis, the cryptocurrency market has grown by 1,500 percent in the Middle East. The UAE ranks third in cryptocurrency rankings for the Middle East.

With the economic boom, real estate prices are increasing.

Anybody that wants to buy real estate in Dubai is able to do so. As a foreigner, you are able to buy and own real estate in specific areas. There are 23 areas in total, which are termed “Freehold areas”. The most well-known and popular freehold areas are Dubai Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai.

However, you need some capital as well as trust in construction management. Those who want to benefit from the real estate boom in Dubai at low effort and with small amounts are welcome to take a look at Stake.


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By Christian Mäder

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