So. Apr 14th, 2024

Die englische Zentralbank Bank Of England sucht Blockchain Praktikanten. Blockchain Interessierte können ihre Bewerbung bis am 7. Dezember einreichen. Nach dem sechs wöchigen Praktikum besteht die Chance auf eine Festanstellung.

Besonders interessant ist folgende Aussage, die auf der Webseite zu finden ist:

„Fakt ist, dass die [Blockchain]-Technologie einige Risiken in sich birgt. Neben den Risiken gibt es aber auch eine Fülle von vielversprechenden und lebensverbessernde Möglichkeiten die wir gerne verfolgen möchten. Wir wollen eure eigenen Vorschläge sehen.“


Bank Of England | The challenge

There’s a lot of buzz around blockchain. It’s a technology that allows people who don’t know each other to trust a shared record of events. And its potential won’t just impact financial services. Many believe that blockchain could track and verify almost any digital record.

So how would you use it?
What business would you apply it to?
What new product would you create?
Whatever your idea, pitch it to us. You could win a paid internship or a place at our graduate assessment centre.

A host of possibilities

Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology already maintains the Bitcoin network, and keeps a record of all Bitcoin transactions. It’s enabling universities to store and encrypt student qualification records so employers can instantly verify CVs. It’s helping insurance companies crack down on fraud and theft by giving diamonds a digital fingerprint, creating a public ledger that tracks the origin, sale and ownership of the world’s most precious stones.

And many more novel applications are bubbling under. From how we identify individuals or verify the provenance of organic goods, to managing car leases or decentralising crowdfunding services.

The point is that while the technology might include some risks, there are all sorts of far-sighted, game-changing, life-enhancing ideas to pursue. We want to hear about yours.

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