Fr. Dez 9th, 2022

Bitbond becomes member of the German Bank Association:

The German Banking Association is the voice of the private banks in Germany as a leading economic policy association. We are honoured to become part of this association. Bankenverband already started significant activity around initiatives such as a digital Euro. At Bitbond we look forward to bringing in our expertise in this field as well as tokenization and digital asset custody.

Our partner KlickOwn successfully issues its first token dubbed KHL and cooperates with Bankhaus von der Heydt

As the target amount for the fundraising of the tokenized Lüneburg project is attained, KlickOwn issues it’s tokenized bond KHL. KlickOwn uses the Crypto Custody Service of Bankhaus von der Heydt for the safekeeping of the tokens of investors. The bank’s wallets were integrated into the investors‘ accounts as a white-label solution also by Bitbond. We are proud to be part of this revolutionary experience and look forward to further pioneering capital markets.

Drake Star Partners features Bitbond in their 2020 WealthTech Sector Report

Drake Star Partners, an investment banking firm based in New York, features Bitbond and interviews Founder & CEO, Radoslav Albrecht. The report provides a detailed analysis and current state of the WealthTech sector, featuring exclusive Q&As with leading industry figures, M&A and fundraising stats, as well as profiles on nearly 120 of the most innovative WealthTech companies. Download the full report to learn more about this industry.

Bitbond shortlisted for the 2020 FinTech Germany Awards

In 2017, Bitbond won the special award for the best blockchain FinTech. This year, we are once again shortlisted for the 2020 FinTech Germany Awards. The winners will be announced on September 17th, join us on that day for the award ceremony in Frankfurt and keep your fingers crossed for Bitbond to win its category.

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