So. Jun 11th, 2023

The King is back: Introducing Sunny King's new project

05feb18:3019:30The King is back: Introducing Sunny King's new projectVEE Blockchain

Blockchain Database Cloud

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Sunny King is the inventor of Proof of Stake and created with „Primecoin the first proof-of-work based cryptocurrency that has compu with any kind of workable solution“, as Viatlik Buterin put it in Bitcoin Magazine in July 2013. In a recent blog post, he announced his comeback: „I would like to announce that Project VEE ( is under development and that I have assumed a full time position as chief architect for the project. VEE aims to bring about a next generation platform for blockchain applications. The VEE team is currently promoting the project in Asia and will visit Europe in February. (Source: )

While Sunny may not be present himself at this event (he certainly won’t be taking the stage), the following speakers will introduce their technology.

Kate Shan (20mins), Core Developer: „Blockchain history and Peercoin/Priecion“
Wanli Yang (50mins), Core Developer: „VEE-Next generation database cloud blockchain platform (Blockchain 5.0)“
Rob Zhang (15mins), CEO Vee Technology „VVE Future and Roadmap“