Di. Jun 4th, 2024

ETH Global Lecture Series: Lo—TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism

23feb5:005:00ETH Global Lecture Series: Lo—TEK. Design by Radical IndigenismZürich Switzerland

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The ETH Global Lecture Series offers a platform for contemporary global topics to be discussed with outstanding global thinkers. Each month we bring two amazing people together to discuss their personal insights, experiences and expertise. In addition to simply learning, our goals are to broaden our perspectives of a contemporary issue so we can all broaden our thinking, challenge our opinions and through this, make a meaningful contribution to issues we are working on.


In order to stop and eventually reverse the effects of climate change, we must embrace ancient knowledge and work in symbiosis with our environments. Contemporary designers understand the urgency of reducing humanity’s negative environmental impact, yet most perpetuate a dependence upon technology that relies upon the exploitation of nature. The justification of this has been the confluence of humanism, colonialism, and racism, which allowed the intellectuals of the European Enlightenment to construct a mythology of technology that ignored local wisdom and indigenous innovation, deeming it primitive.Lo–TEK, derived from Traditional Ecological Knowledge, is a cumulative body of multigenerational knowledge, practices, and beliefs, countering the idea that indigenous innovation is primitive and exists isolated in technology.




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