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Distributed Trade

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The first global event focusing on blockchain technology applications for both trade networks and financial services

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  • Managing a global supply chain on a blockchain
  • How blockchains are re-inventing financial services
  • Current initiatives and proof-of-concept projects
  • Distributed Trade | Schedule of Events

Distributed: Trade will feature a full day of expert presentations, panels and demos reflecting the most critical commercial developments, technical innovations and public policy issues affecting the evolution of the blockchain industry. Exhibition areas and an evening reception will provide unique opportunities for networking with industry leaders and innovators on the cutting edge of blockchain tech.


Registration with Coffee and Pastries Served in the Exhibits Area


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Opening remarks from Conference Chair David Bailey, CEO, BTC Media, and Atul Kamra, Managing Partner, SixThirty.


Blockchain 101 – Introduction, Business Benefits & Key Technologies

A business-level introduction to blockchain technology with an explanation of its unique attributes and how they can benefit business. Also covered will be a high-level description and comparison of public and private blockchains and an introduction to smart contracts.

—Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin Core Developer and Cofounder, Bloq


Opening Keynote – Why Hyperledger? Blockchains Need Open Source Infrastructure and Open Governance

—Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger Project, The Linux Foundation

We’re heading toward a future full of different blockchain ecosystems for different purposes. Some will be public, some private, some unpermissioned, some permissioned – and they’ll differ in their choice of consensus mechanism, smart contract platform, security protocols and other attributes; and many will talk to each other. To keep this from becoming a confusing mess, or worse a platform war, collaboration on common software infrastructure is key. The Open Source communities behind Linux, Apache and other successful platform technologies have demonstrated how to do this successfully. The Hyperledger Project is aimed at bringing that dynamic to the blockchain community, so that everyone can spend less time worrying about the plumbing and more time building new products and services.


Break – Refreshments Served in the Exhibits Area

Stream: How Blockchain Will Disrupt Financial Services

Stream Chairperson: Pete Harris, Principal, Lighthouse Partners

This stream will consist of in-depth discussion panels and a demo session to help attendees understand the potential impact of blockchain and distributed ledger technology on financial services processes and players.


Optimizing Cash Management with Distributed Ledgers

As well as faster and cheaper payments, blockchain technology can help corporations and banks gain full visibility into their cash and liquidity positions for business improvement, capital efficiency and strategic goals.

—Farron Blanc, VP, Innovation Studio Lead, RGAx (Moderator)

—Bill Donius, Ideation Consultant and Former CEO, Pulaski Bank

—Russell Moore, Consulting Director of Innovation, TSYS


Leveraging Blockchains and Smart Contracts for Financial Securities and Derivatives Transactions

Corporations, investors and traders will soon have distributed ledger-based alternatives to Wall Street services when they want to issue and trade securities and create risk management strategies.

—Brad Bailey, Research Director, Capital Markets, Celent, A Division of Oliver Wyman (Moderator)

—Judd Bagley, Chief Evangelist, tØ

—Anthony Di Iorio, Founder and CEO, Decentral and Chief Digital Officer, TSX/TMX Group

—Ronald Smith, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Stream: Removing Friction in Supply Chains with Blockchain

Stream Chairperson: Chris Principe, Publisher, Financial IT

This stream will consist of panels and a demo session to provide attendees with an insight into how blockchains and distributed ledgers can boost financial efficiencies and provide intelligence on inventory management, property tracking/ownership and counterfeit detection across global trade processes.


Managing Ownership and Authenticity of Supplies and Products in Global Supply Chains with Blockchains and Smart Contracts

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers face extreme challenges when transactions involving physical goods are conducted on a global scale. Blockchain smart contract technology provides a framework for automating and improving the costly and cumbersome manual processes currently involved.

—Cindy Minor, Director, Center for Supply Chain Management, John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University (Moderator)

—Chris Patteson, Director, Transaction Risk, Collaboration and Intelligence, FedEx

—Dalip Raheja, President and CEO, The Mpower Group

—Santosh Sankar, Director, Dynamo


Optimizing Supply Chain Processes with Blockchains – Use Cases

Blockchain technology is already being tested and deployed in a number of industries to improve efficiency, reduce fraud and ensure authenticity of products.

—Andy Molnar, Director and Professor of Project Management, Contract Management and Aviation Management, Saint Louis University (Moderator)

—Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO, Everledger

—Dominik Schiener, Founder, CargoChain


Pre-Luncheon Keynote – Doing Business with Blockchains

—Keynote presenter TBA.


Networking Luncheon

Financial Services Stream (continued)


Streamlining Financial Audit & Regulatory Compliance Processes with Distributed Ledgers

Corporations and financial institutions need to comply with continually increasing regulatory reporting burdens. Blockchain technology applied to processes such as accounting, record keeping and data management can streamline them and actually reverse upward pressure on costs.

—Brian Fox, President and Founder,

—Tiana Laurence, CMO, Factom

—Daniel Winters, President, Global Tax Advisors


Product and Proof-of-Concept Demos

A number of live demonstrations of early products and proof-of-concepts will be presented.

—Participants TBA.

Supply Chain Stream (continued)


How Blockchain Will Underpin the Future of Global Trade Finance

With global trade of goods increasing at double-digit rates annually, bank-intermediated financing solutions lack the agility, scalability and transparency required to cope. Distributed ledger-based solutions promise innovative solutions to these challenges.

—David Gustin, President, Global Business Intelligence and Cofounder, Trade Financing Matters (Moderator)

—Marc Christman, SVP, Accounts Payable Automation, Commerce Bank

—Madhav Goparaju, Executive Director, Financial Services Advisory, Ernst & Young

—Lamar Wilson, CEO, Fluent


Product and Proof-of-Concept Demos

A number of live demonstrations of early products and proof-of-concepts will be presented.

—Dominik Schiener, Founder, CargoChain

—Dave Sutter, COO, Fluent


Break – Refreshments Served in the Exhibits Area


Implementing Blockchain in Your Enterprise – Technology Considerations

There are an increasing array of blockchain and smart contract products in the marketplace from startups, and established IT vendors are also getting involved with their own products and services. Enterprises need approaches to assessing blockchain offerings in order to integrate them into existing IT architectures.

—Joyce Shen, Director, Emerging Tech Partnerships & Investments, Thomson Reuters (Moderator)

—Gurvinder Ahluwalia, CTO, Cloud Technical Solutions, IBM North America

—Jimmie Lenz, SVP, Wells Fargo Bank

—Brian Wink, VP/Senior Business Leader, Mergers and Acquisitions – Ideation and Sourcing, MasterCard

—Micah Winkelspecht, CEO and Founder, Gem


Implementing Blockchain in Your Enterprise – Business Considerations

The commercial, organizational and legal aspects of blockchain and distributed ledger approaches need to be considered by organizations and corporations looking to leverage them.

—Gregory Xethalis, Counsel, Kaye Scholer


Conference Chair’s Wrap-Up and Takeaways

—David Bailey, CEO, BTC Media reviews the day and issues some calls to action.


Networking Reception

An opportunity to mingle with your peers and compare notes on the educational program and lessons learned.


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All Day (Tuesday)


Washington University in St. Louis

1 Brookings Dr, St. Louis, MO 63130, Vereinigte Staaten


Distributed Trade