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Blockchain 101 Masterclass

Event Details

Do you…

► Have an interest in cryptocurrencies but don’t want to get caught up in the hype?
► Want to know what blockchain technology is and it’s real world applications?
► Want to take the plunge and open a digital wallet under supervision from an expert?
► Want to understand the stellar rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins?

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Then this event is for you!

Blockchain Centre Vilnius is proud to present the first of many Blockchain 101 Masterclass’ for 2018. The event will cover the below topics and include audience participation and Q&A throughout. The second half of the event will guide you through the process of opening your own digital wallet under the supervision of the lecturer Tomas Gurvicius and then we will transfer €21* of your ticket fee back to you as cryptocurrency to your newly created digital wallet.

The Blockchain 101 Masterclass will cover:

►FIAT Monetary System
►What is a Blockchain
►Coin Mining Explained
►Blockchain in the Real World
►Why ICO?
►Consensus Protocols
►Open Your Own Wallet
►Using Cryptocurrency

By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of the traditional monetary system, what cryptocurrencies are and how they work in the real world. The session aims to arm you with the relevant information to go away and understand how others and yourself could benefit from this prevailing technology.

About the Lecturer: Tomas Gurvičius is a Dutch-Lithuanian entrepreneur who discovered crypto-currencies back in 2013 and became a blockchain & decentralization enthusiast ever since. Avid traveling (50+ countries) and curiosity about exponential technologies has led him to focus mainly on the blockchain related implications. Today, Tomas is a member of the board at Blockchain Centre Vilnius and is very keen to help Lithuania become a powerful hub of blockchain technology innovation and adaptation.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to bring a smartphone or laptop with you to allow you to set up your digital wallet live at the event. Pizza and light refreshments will be complimentary for all attendees.

DISCLAIMER: This Masterclass and the course materials do not constitute financial advice and are presented purely for educational purposes The information provided is not intended as a substitute to obtaining advice from professionals such as lawyers and accountants.

*Cryptocurrency is subject to price fluctuations that means an exact amount can only be communicated at the point of transfer.

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