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It’s confirmed: Perry Despeignes, one of the founders of Augur, will come to Zurich (and I’m confident there will be no travel hiccups this time 🙂 )

At our meetup, he will present AUGUR.NET

AUGUR is the World’s first prediction market hub, built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

So far, centralized prediction markets have suffered from potential bias, censoring and collusion. AUGUR has set out to change this game, creating a truly independent platform for market makers of any kind.

Essentially, think about just any question with an answer that lays in the future, and which can be observed. You want people to bet on the outcome? You can do it on Augur. Will Rand Paul become President of the United States? Switzerland be the next World Champion in football? No snow fall in December ’15 in St. Moritz? Open a market on Augur, and let people bet.

Augur is using the Ethereum blockchain and its SMART CONTRACT capabilities as technology base and it is actually among the very first to have launched a global distributed Ethereum Application (DAPP), and it will be very interesting to hear from Perry about the team’s key learning by doing so.

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Perry will structure his talk into four blocks:


* Introduction to Augur, the world’s first prediction market platform

* Technology behind Augur

* Game theoretical design of Augur and its referee system

* Opportunities / possible applications for financial institutions and insurances

So this meetup is not only interesting for people interested in Blockchain technology. It is also relevant for finance and insurance professionals who want to understand if and how AUGUR can become a game changer in the financial world.

Background of Perry Despeignes, Co-Founder of Augur


Perry was an economics correspondent the Financial Times, Fortune and Investors Business Daily after majoring in economics at Harvard.

He is a fan of leading indicators and of „big data“ generally, long before it was buzzworded. Before the 2007 crash, he uncovered heavy insider selling by homebuilder executives, used futures markets to gauge the surprising extent of Wall Street’s dependence on the Fed, was first to report the Fed’s formal brainstorming over unconventional stimulus options and how the U.S. government’s future financial challenges were massively underestimated.

He developed regressions to assess which nations might outperform or underperform going forward based on which were „underpriced“ or „overpriced.“

He manages various special projects for info services group Serenity, Augur and the Forecast Foundation.



(Tuesday) 19:00 - 21:00 MESZ



Bullingerstrasse 63, Zürich