Do. Feb 2nd, 2023

november, 2018

22nov18:3020:303 Bitcoin Hardware Wallets: Trezor, Bitbox, WOOKONG


Event Details

Learn about 3 products from 3 crypto companies in 3 x 20 minutes

Together we will take a closer look at our company philosophy, which has always been about complete transparency when it comes to software and hardware. Also, we will discuss the current and future possibilities of the Trezor family–the Trezor One, the battle-tested hardware wallet for everyone, and the next-generation hardware wallet, the modern Trezor Model T.

Digital Bitbox is a minimalist hardware wallet from Switzerland that emphasizes security and privacy. Features include fully offline & simplified backup, plausible deniability, multi-sig support, a native desktop app, and a mobile app for verification & 2FA.

Developed by Tuolian, the Tuolian Hardware Wallet ‘WOOKONG’ is a combination of ultra-strength cryptographic algorithms with high-level financial security hardware solution. Positioned as a solution for crypto-asset enthusiasts, professions from financial institutions and crypto exchanges which need higher level of security, WOOKONG performs with higher security compared to existing multi-signature wallets and cold wallets.

The Speakers:
Vojtech Cerny – Trezor Marketing Manager, Business Development
Jan Pochyla – Satoshilabs Core Developer
Dario Duran – Chief Operations Officer, Shift Cryptosecurity (Bitbox)
Henrik Jonson – Team Lead Shift Cryptosecurity (Bitbox)
Shuai Yuan – Project Manager, LongHash Switzerland (Tuolian)

Door opening: 18:30
Talk start: 19:00

Sponsor: TBA