Fr. Jul 12th, 2024

CV Labs published the German Blockchain Report 2023:

We’re excited to announce that the highly anticipated German Blockchain Report 2023 is now available for download! This comprehensive report provides invaluable insights into German blockchain-related activities and the region’s blockchain landscape.

In addition, topics covered include the global funding landscape, regulatory updates, and industry advancements made in Germany’s blockchain ecosystem.

Some of the key report insights include:

  • Germany achieved a record-high share of global blockchain funding, attracting 2.4% of global blockchain funding and 2.5% of global deals
  • 72% of German blockchain investment is directed toward early-stage and seed rounds, indicating a thriving startup environment
  • DeFi took center stage, accounting for 32% of investments
  • Among Europe’s seven mega blockchain deals, one was in Germany, with Matter Labs securing an impressive $200 million in funding

“Germany has firmly established itself as a hub for blockchain advancements and could serve as a model for other regions,” says Ulrike Lierow-Schad, Managing Director of CV Labs Berlin.

The report provides in-depth research and information on:

  • Detailed analyses of blockchain funding trends in Germany.
  • An in-depth review of the global venture funding landscape.
  • Key highlights and milestones in the German blockchain ecosystem.
  • Expert commentary and industry perspectives.

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