Di. Okt 3rd, 2023

Crypto Finance, a pioneer in digital assets since 2017, trusted FINMA-regulated partner of financial institutions, and part of Deutsche Börse Group, announces its strategic partnership with Figment, a leading provider of staking infrastructure, to expand its protocol staking offering. The partnership combines Crypto Finance’s fully integrated platform with Figment’s complete staking architecture to create the optimal place for an institution to buy, store, manage, and stake ETH and other digital assets.

As a result of the integration, Crypto Finance’s clients can stake ETH, in addition to Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana. Staking ETH provides a unique opportunity for token holders to earn rewards. This solution allows institutional clients to receive the MEV-boosted rewards directly into their Crypto Finance segregated wallet, ensuring the highest level of security for staked assets throughout the entire end-to-end process. In addition, Figment’s SOC2 certified ETH architecture and „Safety over Liveness“ approach minimises the risk of slashing.

By using the staking service of Crypto Finance, a FINMA-regulated institution, institutional clients can also benefit from inflation protection while claiming rewards for their active participation in a blockchain network’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This strong partnership enables what is arguably the most competitive pricing approach offered by a regulated provider in the Swiss market. In addition, Crypto Finance remains the custodian of the assets throughout the whole staking lifecycle, ensuring security and control of assets.

The combination of Crypto Finance’s best-in-class security architecture and Figment’s expertise in optimising staking rewards and reliability creates a comprehensive solution that prioritises asset security, maximises returns, and ensures a trusted and dependable staking ecosystem for institutional clients.

Jan Brzezek, Founder and CEO of Crypto Finance, comments:

“The partnership allows Crypto Finance to enhance its protocol staking offering by leveraging Figment’s leading staking infrastructure. Our institutional clients can now benefit from a more comprehensive, best performing, and most reliable staking partner and can potentially gain access to a broader range of staking networks beyond Ethereum. This expands their options for staking different digital assets and potentially earning staking rewards on multiple blockchains.”

Eva Lawrence, Head of EMEA at Figment, adds

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Crypto Finance, part of Deutsche Börse Group. Both Figment and Crypto Finance are focused on providing leading solutions in the digital asset space. Together, we will enable Crypto Finance’s clients to generate secure and stable rewards for their customers and help fuel innovation and growth across proof-of-stake ecosystems.”

The staking integration is currently live and available to all Crypto Finance’s and Figment’s clients. To learn more, contact Figment or Crypto Finance.

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