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World Ethical Data Forum

19sepAll Day20World Ethical Data ForumBarcelona

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Topics include

The event will cover topics including:

  • Innovation in Blockchain
  • The crypto-economy
  • ICO formation
  • Mass data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Encryption and privacy technologies
  • GPDR
  • Media freedoms
  • Machinations of government

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World Ethical Data Forum 2018

The WDF is a world-leading platform for discussion of the ethics and development of decentralised technologies. Held at the World Trade Centre in the city of Barcelona and including headline and keynote talks, presentations, workshops, networking lunches, drinks and parties based around the conference site, the WDF brings together experts, enthusiasts and investors from around the world.

Talks and presentations will range over areas including mass data and data-analytic technologies, their use and safeguards, the importance of limits or lack of limits to access for security agencies and government, data rights, the commercial use of data by marketing, media organizations and big business, as well as recent innovations in artificial intelligence, the development of cryptocurrency and ICO regulation, and the benefits and pitfalls of blockchain technology and its future applications.

World Trade Centre Barcelona

Held at the World Trade Centre in the Catalan city of Barcelona and covering areas such as cryptocurrency and ICO regulation, the benefits, pitfalls and ethics of trustless distributed ledger technology, alternatives to peer arbitration, business applications of blockchain data and much more, the conference is an exploration of the ethics surrounding big data and its applications in the modern world.



World Ethical Data Forum

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