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London Transactions

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Consult Hyperion is pleased to announce that the 9th Tomorrow’s Transactions Fintech Unconference will be taking place on Monday 8th February 2016 at the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) at 1 Plough Place, London, EC41 1DE. (Please note that as is now traditional, this is the day before Finnovate London 2016!)

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The aim of the unconference is to foster cross-sector communication and innovation around new business models in the world of banking and finance. It is organised on a participant-driven agenda around the future for financial services in the now-traditional unconference format.

Our Director of Innovation, Dave Birch will kick the day off with a talk about the evolution of financial technology to help get the delegates thinking out loud but from there on we don’t know what issues the delegates will choose to cover! The hot topics right now include the blockchain and alternative currencies, mobile payments, financial and social inclusion, digital identity and cybersecurity. But the agenda will be up to those present on the day!

If you have never been to an unconference before, but have even the slightest interest in the future of money, banking or financial services in general then now is the time to take the plunge and join the conversation in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone learns from everyone else. Here are a few comments from attendees of our previous unconferences:

„Excellent set up, participatory rather than being lectured at“

„Stimulating and fun“

„Very interesting! Thank you very much!“

„Enjoyed the event and meeting some great people“

„Very inspiring event with a great crowd, always a pleasure to join!“

There will be a £20 charge for this event (payable via PayPal on registration)



All Day (Monday) GMT



1 Plough Place, London

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