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The Palm Oil Game - explore the resilience of the palm oil supply chain

01mar14:0017:00The Palm Oil Game - explore the resilience of the palm oil supply chainZürich, Switzerland

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The palm oil supply chain – how does it operate, who are the players, what are the bottlenecks and how to improve things.

This is the first of our series of workshops on sustainability, resilience and strategy.

What makes this unique, is that we will explore these questions through a strategy game – our secret ingredient is YOU!

Join us for an entirely new way to think about systems, explore, negotiate, fail, learn and try again.

LEAF Inspiring Change , a spin-off from ETH Zurich, combines strategy board games and facilitation to explore environmental issues, foster inclusive dialogue and help stakeholders developing impactful strategies.

We will use the the palm oil supply chain game  CoPalCam. This is a serious game developed in the context of our research at ETH Zurich and in collaboration with local stakeholders from Central Africa.

We invite you to:

  • step into the shoes of a small palm oil producer
  • interact with traders, retailers and policy makers
  • collaborate with others to prosper

You want:

  • Experience the complexity of trading palm oil
  • better understand the bigger picture
  • reflect on solutions to change the system

We promise:  You will have fun!


„Knowing is different from experiencing “ a player concluded after having played CoPalCam. –  What will be your take?




1. März 2023 14:00 - 17:00(GMT-11:00)

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