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september, 2017

27sep19:0021:00Swarm CityA decentralised P2P sharing economy platform

Swarm City - Ethereum Blockchain

Event Details

This is the first event since we renamed this Meetup Group from Blockchain to the new name „Altcoin Meetup Switzerland“ – and we couldn’t be happier about our first guests!


• What is Swarm City (King Flurkel & Bernd Lapp)

• Architecture of Swarm City (King Flurkel & Stefaan Ponnet)

• How we build  (Kiki)

• How developers can contribute and use the platform (Stefaan & King Flurkel)

• Q&A
About Swarm City

Swarm City is the first truly decentralised peer to peer sharing economy platform.
A distributed app running on the Ethereum blockchain.
Swarm City is designed as a commerce platform, that allows anyone to create any sharing service. It gives you access to a decentralized global community of peer-to-peer service providers and consumers.
One of the first services that will be provided is ridesharing. It allows any driver to offer his services under his conditions to any rider. This has the potential to disrupt Uber, just as Uber has disrupted the Taxi Business. But the platform is not limited to ridesharing. Any P2P business can be created. After eating Uber for Breakfast we intend to have AirBnB for Lunch and Amazon for Dinner and a lot of snacks and inbetween.

King Flurkel – Innovation Expert

King Flurkel combines creativity and coding while thinking out of the box. Age 20, he started a digital media production company that was sold 4 years later to Duval Guilaume / Publicis. He joined Publicis working as creative director for the digital department. He then started McCann Erickson’s Digital department, creating digital marketing concepts for different clients. He is also a serial founder of very successful digital marketing startups before he started to work for the city of Antwerp and joined A-Labs, a research and development program, focusing on the economic and social impact of new technologies, such as Blockchain. His creative mindset is extremely helpful in developing new opportunities with Blockchain Technology as the focus is not to replicate existing processes with new technology but to create new processes because of improved technology.

Stefaan – Lead Developer

Stefaan is a true tech entrepreneur and Blockchain expert. His smart contract coding ability in solidity is well recognized in the Ethereum community. He has been developing software in several positions for more than 15 years. His involvement also included working as Freelancer for the City of Antwerp, working on the bridge between the Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology.

His strategic thinking allows him to create sustainable products and business models. Being an entrepreneur himself he knows what it takes to make a business successful and is able to use the full potential of new technologies like Blockchain to accomplish this.

Kiki – Product Development

Kristien holds an MA in Product Development from the Hogeschool Antwerpen. She worked in digital advertising and content creation, before she worked for the City of Antwerp and joined A-Labs, a research and development program, focusing on the economic and social impact of new technologies, such as Blockchain.

She is working at the bridge between Users and technology, always keeping the balance between User needs, usability, functionality and technical feasibility.

Bernd – Business Lead

Bernd is the Head of the Business Department. As part of his role as Head of Sales for a Fintech Startup in Switzerland, he got interested in Blockchain Technology and the business opportunities it provides. From 2015 onwards he focused on this new technology advising the big four consulting firms and also joined the Advisory Board of the Ethereum Foundation, one of the most promising Blockchain protocols available.

He started his professional career working for the National Football League, creating a grassroots program to promote the development of American Football in Europe. Then continued working for Deutsche Telekom as Head of Product Marketing for, responsible for the largest general interest website in Germany, before he moved to Cryptovalley Zug in Switzerland. Living and working at the Heart of Blockchain Technology.