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Stockholm Blockchain Forum

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Stockholm Blockchain Forum

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  • Learn and discuss how blockchain can work within your business.
  • Understand how blockchain enhances customer and supplier relationships.
  • Grasp how blockchain enhances operational efficiency.
  • Gain knowledge about how blockchain can increase your ROI.
  • Get updates about the status of technology, regulation, the feasibility of adoption and integration requirements.

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5 reasons to attend the Stockholm Blockchain Forum

With 101 blockchain conferences popping up in every major city, we thought it might be helpful to share why Stockholm Blockchain Forum is a little bit different to the average blockchain conference. We hope to present ample reasons why it is certainly worth attending. In fact we don’t give you one reason to attend but five!


1. How to implement blockchain technology in your business?

The Stockholm Blockchain Forum presents a unique opportunity for C-level executives from various industries to understand how you can effectively implement blockchain technology into your business. Blockchain is essentially a digital technology enabling immutable trust to be coded into the very infrastructure of how systems operate. This can be used to automate logistics, securely store health data, or for smart contracts. The forum allows you to learn here and now how blockchain can be used for your particular business. Our events’ structure also allows you to instantly meet experts who can advise and help you execute blockchain into your business.


2. Exclusivity

Many blockchain events share in common a primary objective to attract as many participants as possible. For a C-level executive, this can create an environment at the event which is exhausting to say the least, as well as difficulties in finding the right people to connect with. The Stockholm Blockchain Forum is aimed at C-level executives directly.  We offers a calm and peaceful space where you can network with fellow C-levels in a cordial environment. We intentionally keep our forums limited to 250 seats.


3. The Nordic hub of innovation

Stockholm is an unrivalled hub of innovation in the Nordic region. It hosts a number of highly successful and innovative startups. The strong and rigid work ethic of the people behind these startups often result in them not venturing out on too many international conferences. The Stockholm Blockchain Forum is committed to attract some of the most innovative players in the field to attend the conference. Take the opportunity to meet these businesses where they dwell: in Stockholm.



We value the time invested for all participants and are doing our utmost to make sure that you are not going to attend yet another club for mutual admiration. The Stockholm Blockchain Forum has a stringent policy to present top quality speakers. This means that they might not be the most famous and well known speakers on the block. However, they are without a doubt are the most knowledgeable people on the topic the will bring forth. Our agenda takes you through some of the key aspects of blockchain technology, together we will explore how it all comes together, without the buzzwords 🙂


5. Structured Networking

Monologues and sitting on a chair all day is boring and tiresome. We offer ample opportunities to discuss. In fact our agenda is built around it. We offer a series of panels followed by networking breaks and Q&A sessions. We want to hear your voice!

So if you were wondering why you should join us we hope this list convinces you. Join the discussion, register now



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