So. Jun 4th, 2023

Stablecoins, Libra and Central Banks - Université de Genève

19sep18:0020:00Stablecoins, Libra and Central Banks - Université de GenèveThe Role of Switzlerand in Securing the Money of the Future


Event Details

Join us on Thursday, 19 September at the Geneva Finance Research Institute, to learn about the future of money in the Digital Age and the role of Switzerland in securing it.

Stablecoins are a fast growing sector of the cryptocurrency market, worth $186 billion. The amount of stablecoins has rapidly grown throughout the past two years: 200+ projects have been announced since 2017 and 66 public and active stablecoins are currently in circulation

Debates about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are now gathering great attention worldwide.

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Facebook announced Libra, saying it will be a “stablecoin” backed by a “basket of financial assets“.

With the growing interest in the topic, we are bringing together leading experts in the areas of stablecoins, digital money, and blockchain security (40+ specialized companies in Switzerland) in order to foster learning and provoke meaningful conversations.

Attend to:

Learn about stablecoins, CBDC, Libra and the need for directing the power of digitalization;

Meet the leading minds in the digital assets and blockchain security domains;

Gain insights into the leading role of Switzerland in securing the money of the future.


17:45 Doors Open (Ernest Boninchi auditorium, ground floor: M R080)

18:00 Keynote Talk by Kalin Nicolov, SICPA: Stablecoins: The Final Destination of Digital Currencies or an Intermediary Milestone?

18:25 Panel Discussion: The Role of Switzerland in Securing the Money of the Future, moderated by prof. Olivier Scaillet

19:00 Closing Remarks and Networking

About the speakers:

Kalin Nicolov, Head of Digital Currency Initiative, SICPA

Kalin is the Head of Digital Currency Initiative at SICPA, a trusted security provider and adviser to governments, security banks, high security printers and industry – providing secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services. Kalin has worked in DLT-space since 2015 when he was global Blockchain Principal for Deloitte Digital. Since late 2016, he has specialized in currency systems and cryptonomics, with special focus on CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), developing prototypes and business models for global currency ecosystems. In his interaction with Central Banks, regulators and global institutions, he has a privileged view of the innovators and incumbents across the Public-Private Partnership world of finance.

Dr. Adrien Treccani, CEO, Metaco SA

Adrien is Founder and CEO of METACO. He has 10 years of experience in systems development in the financial industry with a specialization in distributed ledger technology, as well as a strong academic background in both computer science and financial engineering concluded by a Ph.D. in high performance computing and a lecturing position at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Dr. Hubert Ritzdorf, CTO, ChainSecurity AG

Hubert is a co-founder and CTO of ChainSecurity. He leads an expert team for smart contract security and designs new analysis tools to make audits faster and reliable. He has consulted and audited many blockchain-based systems, crypto exchanges, and reviewed protocols built around smart contracts. He was behind the discovery of the vulnerability in the Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork. Under his lead several prominent stablecoins have been secured including PAXOS, Swiss Crypto Tokens, DIGIX, HelloGold, and ROCKZ among others.

Dr. Patrick Trinkler, CEO, Cysec

Patrick leads a dedicated team of cryptographers, engineers and innovators delivering an agile security solution for the most challenging infrastructures in the world. Patrick has a proven track record of success for over 10 years in the software, cryptocurrency and cybersecurity industry. His passion for security and technology has helped him manage highly-skilled teams and produce incredibly effective security solutions. He constantly drives innovation in business and education, passing his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Dr. Lewin Boehnke, CTO, Crypto Storage AG

Dr. Lewin Boehnke has two roles within the Crypto Finance Group: Head of Research at Crypto Finance AG and CTO at Crypto Storage AG. He brings his technological experience and analytical perspective from his time as a theoretical and computational physicist to everything he does. He has worked on several projects since delving into crypto assets in 2011, including early mining and writing crypto trading bots. Dr. Boehnke holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Hamburg.

Moderator of the panel:

Prof. Olivier Scaillet, Geneva Finance Research Institute of the University of Geneva

Olivier Scaillet is professor of finance and statistics at the Geneva Finance Research Institute of the University of Geneva and has a senior chair at the Swiss Finance Institute. He holds both a master and Ph.D. from University Paris IX Dauphine in applied mathematics. Fellow of the Society of Financial Econometrics, Professor Scaillet research expertise is in the area of derivatives pricing, econometric theory and econometrics applied to finance and insurance. He has published several papers in top journals in econometrics and finance, and co-authored a book on financial econometrics.He has been one of the winners of the bi-annual award for the best paper published in the Journal of Empirical Finance on the topic of quantitative risk management and of the Banque Privée Espirito Santo award prize on the topic of mutual fund performance. He is an elected fellow of the Society of Financial Econometrics, and associate editor of several leading academic journals in econometrics, statistics, banking and finance. He is a long-term advisor for the research teams of BNPParibas located in Paris and London.

An event curated and organised by Metaco SA in collaboration with ChainSecurity AG and with the support of Geneva Finance Research Institute at the Univeristy of Geneva.

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(Thursday) 18:00 - 20:00


Universität Genf / UNIMAIL / Room M1140

Boulevard du pont d'arve 40 Genève GE 1205, CH