So. Jun 11th, 2023

Masterclass video production for marketing professionals

28aprAll DayMasterclass video production for marketing professionalsZürich Switzerland

Event Details

From a successful strategy to content development and the distribution. This master class provides a compact knowledge into the creation of successful marketing and social media videos. Instructions, practical examples and lots of material for daily work. The day is interactive right from the start. We start with a marketing task for a new product and move together from task definition to briefings, the selection of partners to the successful premiere. Participants of the workshop will receive extensive material that will help you with strategy development, commissioning and social media distribution in your daily work.

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What is successful – on which channels? Successful formats for all areas of application

Research, creation, briefing, tendering: How do I find the best production partners?

Budget and time planning precisely and reliably. How do I get a lot for my budget?

Pre-production: From the script to the pre-production meeting with checklists.

Production: Planning, technology, personnel, legal issues with checklists.

Post production: 2D graphics, 3D animation, music and archiving. 

Evaluation: How does my film get on the internet, at trade fairs, on TV, in cinemas?

Success: How do I support distribution in social media, how do I measure success?




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