Sa. Mai 25th, 2024

Le Wagon Zurich Demo Day - Batch #1103

17mar18:0022:00Le Wagon Zurich Demo Day - Batch #1103Zurich Switzerland

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What’s better than a demo day to finish in style? If you’ve ever wondered what students learn at Le Wagon Zurich, this event is made for you!


Students from Batch #1103 – Web Development – will pitch the projects they coded during the last 10 days of the 9-week program. Be prepared, they will rock it 🔥


You’ll see aspiring developers, product managers and entrepreneurs demonstrate a full user journey of web apps that they’ve built in the last weeks of the bootcamp, having learned all the hard & soft skills necessary to pitch and build a product in teams.


Our students come from all walks of life: finance, marketing, engineering, electronics, recent graduates, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on. But after 9 weeks of training, they are now all full-stack web developers!


Take this rare chance to:

❓ Meet our team and ask your questions

👩🏻‍💻🧑🏻‍💻 Hire a developer / CTO / Product Manager

👤 Find a co-founder

⭐ Invest in great talent

💡 See how much you can learn in 9 weeks!


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