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Launch Your Crypto Project in a Weekend (2023)

02junAll Day04Launch Your Crypto Project in a Weekend (2023)Zürich, Switzerland

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Are you looking to launch your own crypto project? Maybe you want to launch your own ICO. Or you’re looking into NFTs. Perhaps you want to set up shop in the Metaverses. Or maybe you want to start your own DAO. Then you might be an Aspiring Crypto Entrepreneur.

First of all, welcome to the club! Launching your own crypto project can be a daunting and overwhelming process if you’re attempting to do it all yourself. The fact is that most crypto launches fail at the first hurdle, or don’t get very far at all. Or if you decide to enlist the services of a professional firm, it’ll typically cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per launch. Some teams and investors have even poured in anywhere from $500,000 to $10,000,000 capital to launch their projects. The reality is that unless you have that sort of capital to burn, you’re going to need to overcome those doubts and fears that are holding you back, and learn the exact strategies and formulas to take decisive action and make your launch a reality.

If that sounds like you, then this pilot is for you.

Launch Your Crypto‚ is a global pilot weekend program for Aspiring Crypto Entrepreneurs to overcome the fears and doubts of running their own project, and to learn how to actually launch their own crypto projects in one short and sweet weekend, without needing to rob a bank, become a computer supernerd, or sell your soul to the crypto devils.

What to Expect & What We’ll Cover

We will help you to overcome the doubts and fears that are holding you back, as we break down and SHOW you step-by-step exactly how to run your own launch – whether it’s an ICO launch, an NFT launch, or setting up your own DAO. We’ll teach you how to operate in several spaces rather than just focusing on ICOs because in crypto especially, everything is interconnected – so if you only learn about ICOs and know nothing about smart contracts, for example, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

We will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process to ‚get into crypto‘. We will run through the exact formulas to follow, show you case studies on successful and flop launches, let you in ‚the secrets of the trade‘, and connect you to potential members of your team and network to help you launch your project. By the end of the weekend, those doubts and fears you started with will be GONE, and you’ll have everything you need to launch your project, whenever and however you want. w. No one else on planet internet offers this level of guidance to help you do it all yourself – try finding one, you can’t, you won’t.

We’ve already had 2,000+ Aspiring Crypto Entrepreneurs sign up to this pilot. Why? Because no one else on planet internet offers this level of guidance to help you do it all yourself – try finding one, you can’t, you won’t.

The Launch Weekend

Paid applicants will gain access to the 2023 portal on 1 June 2023, 10:00AM AEST, where they can watch the weekend seminars at their own pace. The seminar content is estimated <8 hours total, but it is recommended to make yourself available for the whole weekend to get through all of the content at a comfortable pace, and so you may raise any questions you have over the weekend. A limited-time Q&A portal will be open over the weekend period for 120 hours, for applicants to raise any questions they have about the seminar. On the Saturday, you will be given the opportunity to apply all the lessons you have learned to start to build your own crypto project in a day!

Then on Sunday comes the most exciting part! You will gain access to keynote speakers, other attendees and and industry professionals in this space with the view to exploring opportunities to work together and build things. There are no obligations, of course, but if you do need a developer, marketing, funding, inspiration, whatever, to launch your project, then this Sunday will help you find that. Opportunities like these don’t come along often, so you don’t want to miss this!

Any questions outside of the weekend launch period, will need to be raised in a private consultation. Applicants will also have the option to purchase an additional Launch Kit with templates, checklists and blueprints to make launching 10x easier.

The 2023 Pilot Timetable & Applicant Handbook will be made available on 15 May 2023.


This event will launch ONLINE ONLY in June 2023. Do NOT attend at the location listed, this location is just a placeholder to appear in location-based searches.

Register for a paid ticket to secure your spot for the 2023 Pilot NOW. Paid registrations will guarantee your access to the 2023 Online Event. To keep entries fair, we will only be accepting a limited number of paid admissions per location, to keep admissions to a manageable and fair size.

A free application for this event does NOT give you any access rights or rights to any materials for free. When you complete a free application, you are simply registering your interest without expectation for any confirmation or admission. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any free applications made.

THIS NEXT EVENT WILL BE AN ONLINE EVENT ONLY. We are looking at live in-person launches later in 2023. Please register if you would like notices on live in-person launches.

Apply Through Eventbrite to Avoid Missing Out.





2. Juni 2023 - 4. Juni 2023 (All Day)(GMT-11:00)

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