Fr. Mai 31st, 2024

Investor Event (3rd Edition)

30mar16:3019:00Investor Event (3rd Edition)Zürich Switzerland

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Switzerland is known for its strong economy that remains relatively stable even when the rest of the world turns upside down. That is, at least partly, due to the fact that Switzerland is one of the great incubators and facilitators of promising, innovative and bleeding-edge start-ups and ideas. Sadly, less than 1% of all Swiss companies are listed on a centralized exchange and can therefore be publicly invested in.

Aktionariat has recognized this issue and came up with a solution to create liquid markets for all Swiss companies. Through tokenized shares and decentralized automated market makers, everybody can invest in Swiss private equity.

Finding new investment opportunities isn’t easy. Unless, of course, they’re all gathered in one place. Which is exactly what we strive to do at our annual investor event. Our goal is to bring together investors and promising companies with an exciting future. These companies are hand-selected and invited to pitch their business model, for the first time in Google’s tried-and-true 20×20 framework.

This is just one of many formats which have proven to be highly engaging in the past, leading to investments in excess of 700’000.– Swiss Francs following last year’s event.

In essence, this is investing in future industry leaders made simple.




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