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Insurance Analytics Europe

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Insurance Analytics Europe

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Transform Your Organisation Into an Innovative, Customer Centric and
Data-Driven Insurer of the Future

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What’s New in 2016


Solve the Mission-Critical Challenges Your Organisation is Facing: Gain strategies on how to use analytics effectively to solve problems across your organization, delivering greater value to the bottom line


Walk Away with Step by Step, Practical Strategies: Get tools, tips and tricks to improve implementation, optimise analytics already embedded, and dive deeper into the analytics application to core business departments


Learn from the Best in the Industry: Bringing together the innovators, industry leaders and largest insurance companies in the region to provide delegates with best-practice and innovative strategies


Keep Up to Date on the Future of Insurance: Don’t get left behind – know what is going on with the latest start-ups, technologies and blue sky ideas from across the insurance industry


Meet More Valuable Contacts Across the Industry: With more hours of networking, interactive discussions and an online contact centre to take networking out of the conference room, this is the best place to meet your peers and build your network


Reimagine Your Future – What New Tech is Making Possible: Onsite will be some of the best tech minds of the business, ready to help you identify key areas to improve your analytics and understand what is possible, showcasing ground-breaking technology solutions

Bringing Analytics and Business Departments Together – This Summit is a Must Attend For:

Senior-level insurance executives from across personal, commercial and specialty, health and life insurance from across data, analytics, technology, business units, strategy and innovation including:

  • C-Level: Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Underwriting Officer, Chief Claims Officer, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Analytics: Head of Analytics, Head of Insights, Head of Business Intelligence, Head of Management Information, Head of Information
  • Data: Head of Data, Head of Data Management, Head of Data Governance, Head of Data Security, Head of Data Science, Head of Customer Data
  • Technology: Head of IT, Head of Digital, Head of Technology, Head of Architecture
  • Business Departments: Head of Actuarial, Head of Underwriting, Head of Pricing, Head of Claims, Head of Fraud, Head of Marketing, Head of Customer

Access Strategies for Use Your Data to Full Potential, Create a Data-Driven Organisational Culture and Apply Innovative Modelling Techniques:

Senior-level insurance executives from across personal, commercial and specialty, health and life insurance from across data, analytics, technology, business units, strategy and innovation including:

  1. Become an Analytics Powerhouse: Gain executive buy-in for analytics implementation, build a team to use effective analytics to solve business critical challenges and create a culture of data-centricity throughout the organisation
  2. Effectively Use New and External Data: How to drive actionable insights from the explosion of big data and new data sources including telematics, social media, text and more, there is the potential to
  3. Use Your Internal Data to Fullest Potential: Integrate data from disparate sources from across the organization to develop a 360degree view of the customer, glean insights for application through underwriting, pricing, marketing, claims, resource management and fighting fraud.
  4. Transform Your Product: How to embed analytics throughout underwriting and pricing to optimize products, improve profitability at each stage of the value chain through accurate risk assessment and uncover opportunities for new product development
  5. All Eyes on the Customer: Develop a 360degree view of the customer, design and deliver an exceptional customer experience and effectively use segmentation and personalization to improve customer lifetime value
  6. Seamless, Efficient, Digital Claims: Streamlining claims processing to reduce costs and improve the customer experience through greater access to customer data and automating claims assessments where possible



october 5 (Wednesday) - 6 (Thursday)


Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP, Vereinigtes Königreich


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