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Innovation Kick - Quantum Computing

04apr17:0018:30Innovation Kick - Quantum ComputingWinterthur Switzerland

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The topic of quantum computing has attracted attention with the awarding of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics to researchers in this field. The subject is technically difficult to understand; nevertheless companies – start-ups as well as existing companies – want to develop an idea whether this technology could have potential for their business and on which developments they should focus their attention. Sometimes there is a lot of half-knowledge and fake news circulating. Experts who can be trusted are therefore welcome to make simple and technically correct statements and explanations. This is the goal of this innovation kick.

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Events agenda

17:15 Welcome and introduction

dr Thomas Schumann, Technopark Winterthur AG


17:20 What is Quantum Computing / Where does research stand today

Prof. Dr. Klaus Ensslin, ETH Zurich


17:40 Measurement Devices and System Environments for Quantum Computing

dr Tobias Thiele, Zurich Instruments

18:00 How to tame Qbits?

dr Natanael Lanz

Software / Applications

18:20 Quantum annealing and gate-based quantum computing – two paths to quantum applications

Ruedi Füchslin

18:40 Experimental Evaluation of Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms

Kurt Stockinger


7:00 p.m. Aperitif and networking



Prof. Dr. Klaus Ensslin (ETH Zurich)

Klaus Ensslin has been Professor of Experimental Physics at the Laboratory for Solid State Physics at ETH Zurich since October 1, 1995. The focus of Klaus Ensslin’s research area is the physics of mesoscopic systems. This involves researching the electronic properties of novel semiconductor components that are modified by the targeted production of materials on an atomic scale. An important goal of Klaus Ensslin’s working group is the ever-improving control of the quantum properties of electrons in nanostructures.


dr Tobias Thiele (Zurich Instruments)

dr Thiele is an application scientist at Zurich Instruments, a pioneer in quantum computing. Zurich Instruments offers measuring devices and system environments that enable quantum computing.


dr Natanael Lanz (Chiral Nano AG)

Natanael Lanz is co-founder and CTO of the ETH spinoff Chiral Nano AG. He received his doctorate from the Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing (IWF) at ETH Zurich. At the recent Business Concept course, he received an award for his presentation. Chiral Nano is developing a production technology for ultra-pure nano-transistors that enable research institutes and private companies to develop and produce next-generation quantum processors and sensors.


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Marcel Füchslin

Ruedi Füchslin heads the research focus Applied Complex Systems Science at the ZHAW. He studied theoretical physics at the ETH and wrote his dissertation in the field of quantum mechanics. His current interests include the interface between physics, biology and computer science.


Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger (ZHAW)

Kurt Stockinger heads the ZHAW Datalab and is deputy head of the Intelligent Information Systems focus area at the ZHAW School of Engineering. His research focus lies at the intersection of database research, natural language processing and machine learning. More specific topics include data science, big data, natural language query processing, question answering over knowledge graphs, and quantum computing.


Zurich Cantonal Bank

The event is kindly supported by the Zürcher Kantonalbank, our long-standing partner for the Innovation Kick and shareholder of Technopark Winterthur AG.



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