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Disruptive FinTech providers are changing the face of Venture Capital. No more management fees, no more carried-interest, no more commission, and exit anytime.

Society3 FundersCon 2016 Zürich May 31 – Investing in Startups – and exiting anytime

Getting access to startups before bigger investors locked them down is often very difficult if not impossible. Exiting a startup under way seem to be another great hurdle for many investors. Learn why that pain is over now.

This Investor Conference & Workshop will provide key insights about what to consider when investing in startups and fast growing businesses and how to exit when you want to. FundersCon is the worldwide first conference of its kind.

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Change Agenda FundersCon | Financial Market Shifts (Keynote)

  • How new FinTech companies will change the face of Venture Capital
  • Startups and their long term impact on business investment
  • Innovation Investment Opportunities
  • Startups and fast growing innovative businesses
  • Which stage is right for you, at what risks, and where to invest
  • Our experience from many different startups
  • Exiting a startup any time
  • How to exit a startup anytime
  • Our experience from four years operating such a business
  • Company & Team Analysis
  • What to look for when analysing a startup opportunity
  • Effective team analysis, market research, product viability, and growth potential
  • What it takes to nurture a 20x return potential
  • There is no free lunch – and no quick money by investing in startups either
  • How you get more significantly more influence in your investment success with startups
  • Innovation Financing Marketplace
  • How to identify and select startups
  • How we evaluate companies that get listed
  • The Complete Investment Process
  • A complete investment process walk through from start to finish

Who should attend FundersCon

  • Business Angels and individual Startup Investors
  • Institutional Investors interested in investing in selected startups directly
  • Investment managers, family offices
  • Investors interested in investing in startups and fast growing innovative companies
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(Tuesday) 10:00 - 16:30 CEST


Radisson Blu Hotel

Zürich, Flughafen, 8058 Zürich, Schweiz