Fr. Mai 31st, 2024

Fund Experts Forum 2023

19apr13:0013:00Fund Experts Forum 2023Rüschlikon, Switzerland

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Europe in the middle – in so many ways. Europe has found itself between a rock and a hard place, between East and West, and needs to return to being the center of attention. Europe is clearly experiencing a demographic decline and is more dependent on China and Russia than ever before, as has become so very obvious recently.


Whichever way we look at it Europe is in the middle and yet still maintains its worldwide prominence and status. Its relationship with Europe is also, of course, of vital importance to Switzerland and considerable pressure has been mounting on the Swiss Federal Council („Bundesrat“) to provide greater clarity as to the nature of this relationship.


This year’s «Fund Experts Forum» program focuses on two main themes. Central to our programs are monetary policy and the comparison of models. How can Switzerland with its exchange rate and interest rate policies position itself against international markets? Also central to our programs are European politics. What is Switzerland’s relationship with Europe really like? Switzerland is important to Europe. Switzerland,however, is increasingly looking towards markets further afield whilst the importance of Europe is meant to remain undiminished. It is a joint project in which Switzerland has a role to play too.


We invite you to meet colleagues, exchange ideas and use this opportunity to expand your network. Make sure you register today for attendance at the conference to benefit from valuable information and guidance.


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