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Discussion about Ethereum Fork / Ethereum Classic

23aug18:3020:00Discussion about Ethereum Fork / Ethereum Classic@Blockchain Meetup Switzerland

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It has been an interesting summer for the Ethereum Community, with the attack on THE DAO and the subsequent hard fork, based on community consensus.

As a result, two Ethereum Blockchains exist now: The main Ethereum Chain (which has implemented the fork), and„Ethereum Classic“ where the fork has not been implemented.

Ethereum Zurich will give room to both „camps“, as good reasons can be brought forward in favor and against the fork. We explicitly don’t want to divide the community, as we believe that an open, critical but constructive dialog between the adherents of the two chains will yield much better results than dogmatism on either side.

Therefore, Ethereum Zurich will be open for topics of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic going forward.

For those of you who are interested to learn more about the Hard Fork and Ethereum Classic, there is an interesting event coming up, initiated by the organizers of Blockchain Switzerland Meetup:

At this event, Avtar Sehra, a vocal supporter of Ethereum Classic, will give his view on “Failure of Decentralisation and Immutability and the Potential Consequences”.

If you like to attend the event, I’d like to ask you to register directly at
in order to simplify the counting of attendees.



23. August 2016 18:30 - 20:00 CEST(GMT+00:00)


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