Sa. Jun 3rd, 2023

Decentralized Infrastructure Development

16apr18:0021:00Decentralized Infrastructure Developmentby: HOPR, Trustlines and Polkadot

Decentralized Infrastructure development by: HOPR, Trustlines and Polkadot

Event Details



18:00 Welcome
18:05 Validity Labs – HOPR
18:25 Q&A
18:35 Polkadot
18:55 Q&A
19:05 Trustlines
19:25 Q&A
19:35 Pizza and drinks

Projects‘ Description

Validity Labs – HOPR

Validity Labs is a leading provider of blockchain-based decentralized applications and is based in Switzerland. Our journey started in 2015 with the Ethereum genesis block as the first blockchain education company. Today, Validity Labs is the technical partner of choice for a range of startups as well as large corporates, offering support and know-how in the areas of blockchain-enabled solutions, decentralized applications, tokenisation and initial coin offerings. We implement smart contracts as well as build novel web3.0 solutions from frontend to backend.

In this session we will present our newest brainchild HOPR – a decentralized and privacy-preserving messaging protocol with incentivization for the web3. We will give a short summary of HOPR and showcase our first proof-of-concept command-line chat application. Finally we will show you how you can experiment with this (very early!) version and contribute to the open source development of HOPR.

Web3 Foundation – Polkadot

The Web3 Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols, particularly those which utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard decentralization, to the benefit and for the stability of the Web3 ecosystem.

Edward Thomson will give a high-level overview of Polkadot and discuss the problems that Polkadot is trying to solve. Polkadot is a multichain platform that addresses blockchain governance, interoperability, and scalability issues.


The Trustlines Network targets the problem of fair access to money and is based on the original ripple idea: A network of credit lines that people create with each other. It’s possible to pay anyone in the network by „Rippling“ the payment through a path of trustlines while people only maintain balances with friends they have explicitly chosen to trust.

In this session, we’ll explain the basic idea behind Trustlines and talk about the Trustlines Blockchain – a minimal Proof of Stake sidechain to Ethereum.

We’ll have a Q&A session about running the Trustlines Blockchain as a validator where you can learn about the requirements and rewards of being a validator.



(Tuesday) 18:00 - 21:00 CEST


Validity Labs

Postpl. 1, 6300 Zug