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08marAll Day09DCW LONDON CONFERENCE 2023London

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One of the world’s largest gathering of data center professionals and end-users at Data Center World on
8-9 March 2023 emanating from ExCeL London.

Data centers are the beating heart of the digital economy. Now it’s time to take part in the event that powers the digital economy

There will be interesting themes in focus:

Global Strategies: People, Environment & Innovation
It is natural for data center professionals to focus all their attention on the sites they manage. But it’s equally important to step back and look at the bigger picture; how do the data centers you operate fit into wider global conversations? From environmental issues to geopolitics, innovation to diversity, data centers have an important

Energy Efficiency, Cost Management, and DCIM
Data centers have had growing success in recent years when it comes to sustainability. But as the climate crisis begins to bite, we will need to accelerate investments and innovation. And so, in this conference theme, we will be exploring how data centers can boost energy efficiency – and manage their costs better too.

Facilities and Critical Equipment
Data centers face a greater range of threats than ever before – from cyber criminals to extreme weather and even physical breaches. As vital nodes in the modern economy, ensuring safety and uptime at data centers is absolutely critical. So, in this series of sessions, you’ll learn about the latest insights, research, and ideas for managing risk and preventing failures in this infrastructure.



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