Fr. Mai 31st, 2024

Cypherpunx Luzern Meetup #5

21may19:0021:00Cypherpunx Luzern Meetup #5Protecting Bitcoin transactions from chain analysis

C'punx Luzern Meetup

Event Details

Monthly meetup in Luzern to discuss privacy, free speech, free markets, decentralisation and cryptoanarchy. Hosted by: @joshmh @zharvz of Lamassu

Each meetup will have a short theme introduction and encourage open discussion. A mix between a lecture meetup and a casual meetup.

The meetup is open for everyone, beers and sparkling water on us!

This month we will discuss how regulation and incentives of businesses may affect the decentralization of cryptocurrencies.

Come join us!


Bitcoin Meetup Luzern

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