Mo. Apr 15th, 2024

CryptoMountain: AI and Web3 - the next big thing?

13marAll Day15CryptoMountain: AI and Web3 - the next big thing?Davos, Switzerland

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We discuss the impact of AI and Web3, the revival of Bitcoin and Crypto and get updated on the developments of Blockchain & Tokenisation.

Meet with the shapers and shakers from the industry and enjoy fresh air of Davos. Skiing in the morning, talks in the afternoon and party in the night.


Monday, 13 March:“Never waste a global crisis”:

Will the FTX debacle lead to more centralisation and government regulation? Or do we experience the exact opposite: the breakthrough of DeFi and Bitcoin becoming a reserve currency? Blockchain Entrepreneurs and investors present their market view.

Tuesday 14 March: Tokenisation – on the cusp of mainstream

Tokenisation is non stoppable. Industry veterans for Tokenisation discuss the importance of a sound regulatory framework and he role of standardisation for the ecosystem – with concrete uses cases from Switzerland and beyond.

Wednesday 15 March: Web3 plus AI – the next big thing?

AI has been around for years, however in 2022 ChatGPT and Mid Journey gave AI a new push. Will we no longer need coders or artists? In live demos and based on real use cases we will find out, how AI will impact Web3 and coding smart contracts. We also talk about the demand for super high performance datacenters.




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