Di. Jun 6th, 2023

Crypto Expo Europe 2023

19marAll Day21Crypto Expo Europe 2023Bucharest, Romania

Event Details


CryptoExpoEurope is planning to be the biggest event in Europe, with a 10 years experience in Global Expo Events with more than 4000 attendees/edition, our company was searching for new markets, and, since Romania has one of the highest Crypto adoption in Europe, this event came naturally to us. This is how CryptoExpoEurope started. We have a few key points that an international event should follow and that will be implemented in this expo also:

You might not immediately think of this medium country in the Central / Eastern Europe region when
you hear the term ‚blockchain and crypto boom‘. And yet, it is Romania that is offering the world some
of the greatest engineering and innovating minds when it comes to the crypto and blockchain industry development, and also a great enthusiastic adoption rate. This is also where the top-level event
Crypto Expo Europe is scheduled to take place.

Crypto Expo Europe is more than a network event, we are also focused on sharing the newest information, the fresh trends, finding solutions to the latest issues, all for helping you growing in your career or increasing your business.


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