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BLOCKCON is back & it’s happening Oct 10th 2018. Clear the schedule and get yourself involved because it’s going to be another great event not to be missed! Tickets for Immutable, Transparent & Decentralized attendee can be purchased on this page.

Expect another awesome conference of great colleagues, great networking & of course awesome food, as we are lucky enough to have one of best speakers line-ups we’ve seen in years. The LA’s best & brightest will be making the trip down to Santa Monica, see you soon there.

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Greg Slepak – OKTURTLES (Protect Netizens from mass surveillance)
Justin Netwon – NETKI (KYC & Identity Mgmt)
Dawn Newton – NETKI (KYC & Identity Mgmt)
Kavita Gupta – CONSENSYS (Accenture but for Blockchains)
Reeve Collins – BLOCK V (Smart Digital Objects)
Alan Soucy – SPARK PR (PR Firm)
Wendy Jackson – DELOITTE (Gobal Taxation & IP Transfer, if you are doing an ICO go meet her)
Nancy Wojtas – COOLEY LLP (Legal Counsel)
Eric Doyle – SPARK PR (PR Firm)
Jeff McDonald – NEM (Accenture but for Blockchains)
Sam Kazemian – EVERIPEDIA (Wikipedia on the blockchain)
Mark Jeffrey – GUARDIAN CIRCLE (Global 911)
David Bleznak – TOTLE (Portfolio Manager)
Llew Claasen – NEWTOWN PARTNERS (Investment & Advisory)
David Moss – STRONGBLOCK (Stealth startup, David was with EOS previously)
Vanessa Grellet – CONSENSYS (Accenture but for Blockchains)
Howard Marks – STARTENGINE (Equities crowdfunding platform)
Apolo Ohno – HYBRIDBLOCK (All in one crypto trading)
Jonathan Thomas – IMAGE PROTECT (Images & copyright on blockchain)
Paul Walsh – METACERT (Security and Phishing prevention)
Pablo Gonzalez – BITSO (Exchange, mexico)
Andrii Zamovsky – AMBISAFE (ICO sales platform)
Pavel Cherkashin – GVA CAPITAL (Investor, owns Hack Temple in SF))
Zachary Fallon – KETSAL CONSULTING (xSEC guy)
Jo-Jo Hubbard – ELECTRON (Blockchain for energy sector)
Sean Michael Mitchell – DENVER TESLA CLUB (Record holder for hypermiling)
Erik Strait – TESLA INVENTORY (Record holder for hypermiling)
Ralph C. Merkle – ALCOR – Inventor of Public Cryptography & Merkle Trees
Bret Cox – TRUE – (Better Facebook)
Larry Sanger – EVERIPEDIA (Wikipedia on the blockchain)
Danny Shapouri – DIGITAL NICHE AGENCY (Advs on FB/G)
Larry Sanger – EVERIPEDIA (Wikipedia on the blockchain)
Miles Paschini – B21 (Wealth Manager)
Hanieh Sadat – GENESYSONE (Investment Fund)
Paul Hainsworth – OPEN GARDEN (Uber but for WIFI, Mesh Network)
Rob Massey – DELOITTE (Gobal Taxation & IP Transfer, if you are doing an ICO go meet him)
Neil Thakur – TEKNOS ASSOCIATES (Token Valuation, if you are doing an ICO go meet him)
Greg Osuri – AKASH NETWORK (AWS but cheaper)
Evan Caron – SWYTCH (Carbon credits marketplace
Richard McBeath – MASTERWORKS (Fine Arts on Blockchain)
Ryan Berkun – COINPLAN (Wealth Management)
Gordon Einstein – CRYPTO LAW PARTNERS (Legal Counsel)
Matt Gould – BUYETHDOMAINS (DNS + Godaddy but for ETH domains)
Yadira Blocker – CONSENSYS (Accenture but for Blockchains)
Richard Craib – NUMERAI (AI+Trade Startegies+Markeplace, next George Soros will be from here)
Chris Smith – CIVIC (Identity & KYC)
Colin Pape – PRESEARCH (Google but better)
Soumya Basu – BLOXROUTE LABS (Allowing scaling of transactions)
Niki Williams – CONSENSYS (Accenture but for Blockchains)
Marina Morozova – PAYDAY COIN (Mircoloans)
Chris McCoy – STORECOIN (Zero fee payments)
Didier PH Martin – INTERBLOCKCHAIN (Move around various chains freely and not be locked to one)
Eiland Glover – KOWALA TECH (Mint your own stable coin)
James Todaro – MEDCREDITS (Connecting patients with Doctors)
Eric L. Stromberg – POTHOLECOIN (Citizens taking on govt role)
Josh Fraser – ORIGIN PROTOCOL (Pay uber driver or airbnb host but without having Uber/Airbnb in between)
Kristoffer Nelson – SRAX (Digital Marketing & Data Management)



10. Oktober 2018 - 12. Oktober 2018 (All Day)(GMT+00:00)

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