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Blockchain for Good

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“The Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum is known for being a forward thinking force within this space”
International Business Times

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Background on Blockchain

The World Economic Forum expects 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) to be stored on Blockchain technology by 2027.

In its report on Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact (September 2015), The World Economic Forum forecasts that tax will be collected for the first time by a government via a Blockchain by 2025.

The World Economic Forum expects Bitcoin and Blockchain to have the following impacts:

  • Increased financial inclusion in emerging markets, as financial services on the Blockchain gain critical mass
  • Disintermediation of financial institutions, as new services and value exchanges are created directly on the Blockchain
  • An explosion in tradable assets, as all kinds of value exchange can be hosted on the Blockchain
  • Better property records in emerging markets, and the ability to make everything a tradeable asset
  • Contacts and legal services increasingly tied to code linked to the Blockchain, to be used as unbreakable escrow or programmatically designed smart contracts
  • Increased transparency, as the Blockchain is essentially a global ledger storing all transactions

Source: Deep Shift – Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact

About The Bitcoin And Blockchain Leadership Forum

The world is about to experience an exponential rate of change through the rise of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum launched in May 2015 and The Bank of England discussed its plans for digital currencies at the inaugural meeting at Allen and Overy’s offices in London.

The mandate of the Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum is to help society navigate the impact of the shifts to come.

We aim to help broader society navigate the transition to the future Bitcoin and Blockchain world by explaining the changes generated by major Bitcoin and Blockchain trends and the new possibilities in plain language and through engaging, accessible media, meetings, workshops, research services and working groups.

We hope to provide valuable insights to consider as we navigate the complex issues relating to these changing Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies.

Bank of England


The Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum is independent and is run by the team behind the Digital and Social Media Leadership Forum. (digitalandsocialmedialeadershipforum)

The Digital and Social Media Leadership Forum was set up in 2009 to help large organizations explore the possibilities presented by emerging digital and social technologies through collaborative knowledge-sharing forums. Meetings are hosted by member organisations.




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