New risks, new market players, new business models: How can profitable banking succeed in the “New Normal”?

Covid-19 has been keeping us in suspense for months – with the start of the vaccination campaign, at least one perspective is in sight. But despite extensive rescue packages from the federal government and the EU, the crisis is leaving its mark – also on the banks. The cost pressure is increasing. At the same time innovation projects are more important than ever. How can banks and fintechs successfully manage this time and ultimately emerge stronger from the crisis?

The Handelsblatt Banking Summit will bring together German and international banking executives, new players, top regulators and government officials to discuss the best course of action for global financial stability and profitability.

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Reinhard Kleber, UniCredit


The success story of ING – Interview with Ralph Hamers (ING Group)

ING has achieved a level of profitability that many German banks can only dream of. What do you do better than your competitors?
I believe that it starts with having a clear, customer-focused purpose. That purpose then serves as the organisation’s ‘North Star’, keeping everyone moving in the same direction. ING’s purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead, in life and in business. Notice that there’s no mention of ‘banking’ or ‘finances’ in our purpose. That’s because we recognise that banking is not a primary need for people – nobody wakes up in the morning with the urge to make a payment, or to apply for a loan.Continue reading