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Blockchain in the Energy Sector

16mar0:000:00Blockchain in the Energy Sector

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Workshop on location (ESMT Berlin) for professionals with experience in the blockchain technology who want to put their knowledge into practice and share with their peers. Not yet an expert in blockchain but interested in becoming one? In this case, the preliminary MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Blockchain in Energy will prepare you properly for the workshop. The course starts on 19 February 2018.

This workshop builds on the online course “Blockchain in the Energy Sector” and aims at professionals who want to develop use cases for their companies and build a network of peers driving the dissemination within their organisations. It is intended to be a mixture of short input sessions, application workshops and the opportunity to learn from other participants and from a practitioner case study.

The agenda of the day will build upon the following sessions:

Session 1: What are the technology characteristics of Blockchain, and how can we think of applications within our companies?

After an introduction of the participants and specific expectations to the workshops, we will recap the technological features and characteristics of Blockchain in a team game allowing to achieve a common understanding as well as to get to know each other better.

Based on practical examples, we will introduce a framework to think about Blockchain applications from the business side, which will build the base for working on individual use cases.

Session 2: How can we be creative in searching for business applications of Blockchain technology?

In this session, we will first discuss perceived limitations to becoming creative. In a short test, participants can check their creativity potential. We will introduce techniques to increase creativity and apply them in order to develop potential use cases of Blockchain.

Session 3: How can we derive a project plan for our Blockchain use case and what do we have to consider to enable seamless implementation?

After an introduction of a framework to sketch out a project plan and define steps for implementation, participants will work on detailing their own projects. In a second step, they will share their plans in peer coaching to allow for optimization of their ideas.

Session 4: What can we learn from projects that are already in implementation?

In the last session, a practitioner will present a use case in implementation. Participants will have the opportunity to ask for lessons learned and best practices.

Date: Friday, 16 March 2018, 9am – 5pm

Location: ESMT Berlin, Schlossplatz 1, 10178 Berlin

Fee: € 1.200 (incl. VAT 19%)

WE RECOMMEND TO PREPARE FOR THIS EVENT BY ATTENDING THE FREE MOOC Blockchain in Energy (for an optional certificate, € 74 will be charged)


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