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The Block Chain Conference

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The Block Chain Conference, San Francisco

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Block Chain | Why and How to Participate in The Block Chain Conference

The Block Chain Conference is the first business and block chain-focused event to bring together the IT establishment – enterprise users and the vendors that service them – and innovative startups creating the block chain future. The goal: to accelerate the development, deployment and leverage of block chain-based approaches by global business.

In recent months, the buzz related to block chain and distributed ledger technology has reached a frenzied level. There’s no doubt that all the leading enterprises from Wall Street to Main Street are interested in the potential for what has been cited as game changing technology.

But what is the reality of adoption, what are the opportunities across different verticals and what are the business and technology challenges to making block chain a mainstream approach?

Will block chains be embraced by enterprise IT users and vendors, just as middleware, databases, open source, cloud, mobile and web-centric approaches have?

Indeed, what makes block chains and smart contracts better than established technologies?

The enterprise IT world is quite rightly beginning to ask these questions and the answers to date have in large part been vague and self serving. It’s time to deliver some clarity and honesty to the block chain debate – and that will happen at The Block Chain Conference.
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Join your peers and get up to speed on game changing block chain and distributed ledger technology. See the Registration section below.

The Block Chain Conference will bring together 200 key business and technology leaders from the world of commerce and from innovative startups. Attendees will include:

* Business executives and senior technologists from companies building block chain or distributed ledger solutions and decentralized applications.
* Product managers and senior technologists from leading vendors of enterprise software applications, e-commerce and cloud services.
* Senior technologists from Fortune 1000 companies deploying and operating enterprise software systems and cloud services.
* The CxO suite from leading block chain technology innovators.
* Representatives of companies innovating in the data management and internet-of-things spaces.
* Vendors of enabling and related enterprise and cloud-delivered technologies.
* Business and technology consultants and system integrators.
* Investment and venture capital professionals.
* Analysts, influencers and media.

This business-oriented conference is not particularly appropriate for entry-level technologists, deep-dive developers or students.



All Day (Wednesday) PST


The Mission Bay Conference Center

1675 Owens Street, Suite 251, San Francisco, CA 94143-3008

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