So. Jun 11th, 2023

1st Modular Blockchain Hackathon

27may9:0018:001st Modular Blockchain HackathonZürich, Switzerland

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The future is modular

The rise of modular blockchains marks a significant shift in the blockchain landscape, a new paradigm that can bring enhanced flexibility, scalability, and adaptability. In contrast to monolithic blockchains, modular blockchains separate the primary functions (Data Availability, Consensus, Settlement, and Execution), paving the way for more efficient and customizable systems.


Wowen: The Worlds First Modular Blockchain with Consensus Choice

Wowen just launched in  May 2023 ! But What is Wowen?

Wowen is a novel public modular blockchain that focuses on the consensus layer and introduces a game-changing innovation: the Wowen delegated consensus mechanism.

Wowen is the world’s first modular blockchain that provides a decentralized consensus network for its users. For the first time, consensus of major Layer 1 blockchains are aggregated into a single decentralized consensus network. Wowen blockchain users can flexibly choose the consensus of their blockchain transactions on a ‚per transaction‘ basis using Wowen Consensus Marketplace. This innovation radically improves flexibility, reliability, cost, and speed, while leveraging and maintaining verifiability by the selected chain of consensus.

Wowen is highly compatible with the EVM ecosystem that enables fast adoption among developers, both for their existing and new projects. This means frictionless access to Wowen’s novel capabilities.

The unique value proposition of Wowen is consensus choice and consensus reliability.

Think modular and start your journey here: (LINK coming)



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