Fr. Jun 2nd, 2023

At BBVA Switzerland, we are leading the transformation of banking worldwide, united in pursuing our goal of bringing the new age opportunity to everyone. Firmly focused on the future, our on-going digital transformation is already producing disruptive innovations that power our vision of banking. Responding to the evolving diversification needs, today our clients can combine the best of both worlds: investing in traditional and digital assets in a unique portfolio with the utmost guarantees in terms of experience and security.

Every one of our employees, from branch staff to senior leaders, plays an essential role in giving our private clients the cutting edge banking solutions that they deserve. Building on 160 years of history we know the importance of constant development, which is why we place so much confidence in the collaborative working environment that enables our people to grow and excel.

By Christian Mäder

Publisher and Founder >> Christian Mäder auf LinkedIn