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PayCoiner, is a project made by Blockchain House and is an advanced, but intuitive tool for payments in cryptocurrencies. The vast choice of options for different businesses is what gives this product the potential to outrun the competition.

PayCoiner is a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. It was created to processes transactions made with cryptocurrencies. Not only the most popular one – Bitcoin but many more which are being added all the time. Sophisticated architecture of the system provides total security of clients’ and users’ funds. Also, PayCoiner is an affordable solution; “we offer the best price in the business, if you want to learn more – contact us!”

Pros of implementing PayCoiner to your e-commerce

That is one of the most common questions. What are the pros of implementing new payment method to your business? It is simple!
Cryptocurrencies are fresh subject and interest in them is constantly growing, which can give a few advantages for your business.
More and more especially young people are interested in cryptocurrencies, which can give you new customers. Due to lack of places which accept them as a payment method, people are looking for places where they can use their cryptocurrencies. Customers want to pay with them, and as above, they are looking for those places. Right now, accepting cryptos as a payment method is advertising in itself.
One of the biggest pros of PayCoiner is, that you don’t pay for implementation, you only pay the transaction fee. Without any costs at the beginning, PayCoiner gives you a way to accept new payment method which can become your best advertising method!

Accepting cryptos in your e-commerce

Implementation of the PayCoiner in your business is fast and easy. You can do it by using one of the plugins available, and if there’s no plugin for your platform, PayCoiner provides a library for PHP language to place in a proper part of the site. All you need to do is to follow the instructions. If you are a programmer or if you hire one, you can personalize the tool – the moment you become the PayCoiner client the whole API documentation is available.
Also, PayCoiner provides an option of generating the button for easy payments in a specific amount of cryptocurrency of your choice, which is an excellent solution for the news website author or for fast transactions with constant price.
With PayCoiner you can quickly start accepting cryptocurrencies in your e-commerce business.


Exchange offer

Due to the vast choice of cryptocurrencies available, as well as the possibility of implementing new cryptos (currently 25 cryptocurrencies available and constantly more cryptocurrencies are implemented) for every customer, thanks to that, PayCoiner is a great solution for exchanges. PayCoiner offers customized cooperation for every interested exchange platform. They are already cooperating with a quite new project – CoinDeal cryptocurrency market.

PayCoiner is also a very safe solution – all the transactions are conducted through servers that are not available on the Internet, and besides the customers there are only two developers who have access to them. Due to experience and skills of the PayCoiner team, any cryptocurrency can be added to the customer’s exchange platform in a short time. The costs are fixed by a payment plan, which is settled individually for every exchange platform, depending on the number of users, cryptocurrencies, transactions and the total turnover.

PayCoiner experience

Paycoiner does all transactions on your accounts, thanks to that, there is no risk of fraud from developers. Furthermore, payouts servers are not accessible from the internet at all. People behind this project, thanks to their experience in IT and blockchain technology, know what obstacles can occur and what are the most common problems. That is why,
every day, more and more people are using PayCoiner. To date, there is more than 131 000 transactions made with Blockchain House project with more than $250 000 000 turnover! Those numbers do not only show how much transactions were made, but they also show how much people trust PayCoiner.

Blockchain House

Blockchain House – known crypto solutions provider

The whole project is held by Blockchain House company, specialized in designing software dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Blockchain House currently employs over 100 people, including 20 developers, 20 marketing specialists, 5 product designers and 3 product managers!
One of their known products is BuyCoinNow – online exchange, where you can buy Bitcoins by credit card, the most popular cryptocurrency.

PayCoiner might be just what the crypto-community needs. The easy process makes it available for every type of business, and that is one step more towards fulfilling the original cryptocurrency mission – to make them the payment method, not an investment asset.
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