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The business models of most movie entertainment industries like Hollywood is based on a centralised business model, where most visual and audio production is controlled via select studios. This model has faced its fair share of challenges as traditional means of distribution are being disrupted due to the fewer purchase of DVDs/Blu-ray Discs & theatre tickets as streaming content makes access more convenient. As the demand for movies created via online portals meets the reality of movies only being released in select territories, fans of the content are being lead to pirated content. This turns out to be an issue for the members involved in the production who are supposed to be paid a percentage based on the back-end revenue.

A producer traditionally procures the budget going from one country & broadcaster to another which leads to a lot of time being consumed in the process. In many cases, a situation arises where the pre-sale amount is obtained but the entirety of the budget is not-leading to the production failing to start according to the plan. This is a bigger issue when creating productions of superior quality as their budgets are generally bigger. The issue that arises in such a situation is the creation of content which caters to the lowest common denominator.

Even though it is the producer that is responsible for the creation of content, they are the ones most prone to being on the losing end owing to middlemen taking a disproportionate cut. Unless producers use the help of pricey sales networks or can bear the brunt of travel expenses in the search of potential buyers, they are unable to reach international markets. Add to the mix expensive legal fees required to close a deal and you start to get a picture of what is exactly amiss in the current market for media producers.

This is where the MILC (Micro Licensing Coin) platform comes into play. MILC is more than just a unique way to pay for content. It helps producers by providing global markets access to their content by exposing it so that it can be acquired by global content purchasers. This allows the producers to go forth creating unique content, as there will always be a demand due to the content being exposed to a greater number of viewers. With expensive legal fees out of the way,-thanks to smart contracts, producers can utilise a greater portion of their funds on creating high-end programming. This in turn leads to a loyal fan base owing to the redeeming the value of content itself.

Apart from improving the quality of content and providing producers access to global audiences, MILC reproaches the issue of creating and tracking copyright issues in a unique manner. Using blockchain technology allows for residuals to be tracked in an easier and more efficient manner. This results in timely payments being processed for guilds, unions, studios and distributors. It is only due to the longstanding experience in the industry of international content licensing that Welt der Wunder was able to understand and cater to the needs and wants of media producers and consumers world over. With the integration of blockchain technology, MILC is able to scale at unprecedented levels as the levels of producers and consumers on the platform begin to accelerate. This puts the MILC platform in a space where it can transcend into a leading marking position.

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